News: 1/7 Mikazuki Yozora (GSC)

With Haganai (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) just ending it’s run last season, GSC has plans to release both Yozora and Sena in figurine form and today we get a glimpse of Yozora~

As you can probably tell, this figurine is based off the cover art from the novel and it’s Yozora looking all uppity. Well I don’t have any issues with that, since Yozora is such a tsundere BUT the conversion from art to figurine seems to be different this time.

The novel had more of an indifferent “don’t piss me off” face while the figurine has more of a “I’m embarrassed but I’m not admitting” kind of vibe. Granted, it might be the angle but I really think the eyes need to be fiercer. However if you prefer this to the novel art, then good for you! =3

Yozora is larger at 1/7 scale compared to usual GSC’s 1/8 figurines so by retailing at 6800 yen, she is actually cheaper than the 1/8 Homura and Mami by a 1000 yen. =3

Right now this doesn’t really appeal to me since it looks rather dull and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for Sena, since she was announced at Wonfes then. =3 (I also skipped on Yozora’s Nendoroid and went for Sena instead so will it be a repeat..?)

Pictures and info linked from Mikatan as usual =D



12 thoughts on “News: 1/7 Mikazuki Yozora (GSC)

  1. Yozora is fine, but I’m all for Kobato-tan! Just waiting for her bunny girl ver. and beach queens @_@ . . . . . I wonder if I’ll get enough dough to pay for it T^T


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