Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider V3 (Next Ver.)

I have pre-ordered the Showa rendition of V3 and since it’s a May release, it seems appropriate to review the V3 (Next) version. The movie was kind of messy and didn’t seem to make much sense BUT V3 had a pretty nice design. Let’s go!

V3 Next is the 3rd S.H.Figuart to be released after Ichigo and Nigo I think…? That makes him pretty old in comparison with newer stuff. Since the newer Next designs are supposed to be more realistic (as realistic as bug-headed men can be), it therefore looks cooler and more streamlined. =3

V3 has really slim proportions but overall, his aesthetics are pleasing and plenty of nice details to talk about!

Golden gloves are more modern than white ones? =3

I really like V3’s head. Other than having a bright candy red which is really nice, the compound eyes also really shine and the helmet looks realistically slim as well. =3

Being an older release, V3 also has the gap in his abdomen but it’s not so obvious in most poses. His double typhoon belt is rather intricate and good paint applications on all.

There are also red lines running around his costume and it helps to break up the monotony of green. You can also glimpse the shocker logo emblazoned on his back..and the rather dubious hair showing from the back of his helmet…I never really understood the hair thing….if the rider was bald…then wouldn’t his skin be showing..A helmet is supposed to cover it all right? However since 仮面(Kamen) means mask, I will let it go. =3

His boots also have different colours, the tip has the metal band and the buttons on the shin are all painted. V3 also has die-cast feet!

V3 has 2 scarves that plug into his shoulders and an assortment of hands. Unlike Ichigo and Nigo (First/Next), you don’t have to pluck out his head for the scarves. =)

Well since V3 is modelled after a Dragonfly, he has the 2 scarves (wings) at his back!

Rider chop!

Riddderrr KICCCCKK!!

Take that, Shocker or Destron! No more cyborgs!


I got V3 really cheap..around 1400Yen off Mandarake so talking about value, I actually got a bargain already. Would I pay the full retail for this guy? If the Showa V3 wasn’t announced, I probably would. His paint applications are nice, there are all sorts of nice details and he just looks really kick-ass. Since he is a SHF, his pose-ability is really decent so no issues there. Also, since V3 is a melee fighter, the lack of accessories doesn’t really hurt him that much. What I don’t like about V3 however, would be his scarves. Since it plugs in on his shoulder with only 1 peg EACH, it’s really easy to fall off whenever you are posing him. This might be an isolated issue considering mine is 2nd hand but still, it’s irritating. V3 is an iconic rider and the Next version is an updated look of the classic rider. If you are a sucker for old school (ME!), get the upcoming May V3, if you like sleek and cool, this V3 looks real nice. =D

We are lean, mean green machines~


4 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider V3 (Next Ver.)

  1. Ahh I forgot just how much I liked this figure when it came out back then. It’s just too bad that the current crossover movies made these designs null and void.

    • It’s a really solid release despite it’s age but I guess Toei wanted to keep the Next/First lines separate from the crossovers? Considering how different the focus on the normal and Next versions are. =3

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