Review: Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Append

Having been suckered into the Figurine and Figma rendition of Miku Append, it’s obvious that I would be getting her Nendoroid version as well..=3 So let’s go ahead with the review!

Miku Append has a nice box design and when you crack her open, you realise she has a totally unique stand~

There is a switch at the bottom so you can turn on the lights for Miku’s base. In bright places, the light is rather meh~ though.

If you remove the black cover, you get the Append base and they even sculpted ‘Miku Append’ on it! In case you were wondering, the batteries come included so you have lights straight outta the box! =3

Miku has some translucent hair going on and similar to her Figma counterpart, there are all sorts of little details around. Thankfully, the hole is deep enough for her peg to enter fully so no worries about Miku tumbling.

The little patterns on Miku’s suit are crisp and I only had minimal paint spillage on mine.

The metal parts on Miku were done in gunmetal and it looks really nice. =3

It wouldn’t be Append without those delicious translucent bits now would it. =3

Miku has a slew of hands and feet and that’s mainly to accommodate her “cast-off” form. XD

With a solid piece as her support, it can really hold Miku up and she can do all sorts of flying poses.

For some reason, I find myself disliking this face-plate…Miku looks rather stupid with that half smile. Like she can’t decide whether to smile or stare blankly…ah well

THIS was what I paid for. I am a sucker for this Miku Append look. =3 I totally adore how peaceful she looks like that.

You can then upgrade Miku to her awakened mode with all the extra parts~

It’s interesting that GSC provided a separate body for her Awakened mode instead of plucking out her chest like her Figma version. The tie for her Awakened mode is really irritating though, it falls off at the slightest touch so be careful not to lose it!


I was underwhelmed by both the Figma and the Figurine so does the Nendoroid fare any different? Interestingly enough, yes. Maybe I’m just a sucker for Nendoroids but I felt that Miku Append as a Nendoroid works. First off there is that funky light-up base which is the 1st for any Nendoroid, then you have the overall aesthetics of Miku and finally all that translucent hair~ Miku Append isn’t that cute but she is really unique and interesting, enough to warrant a slot between all my other Miku Nendoroids. =3

Hello Mikus! I am Miku too!




8 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Append

  1. Cool that she has a stand with lights! But it kind of meh.. maybe it would be more interesting if the light was in the shade of her hair? like blue green or something? =3

    The first face plate does look off.. and you described it exactly what was on my mind.. half smile and half blank stare.. haha! It kinda looks funny if you stare at the face plate for a long time. XD

  2. This nendo is so special until she receives a lighted platform, so she can bask in glory. =)
    Well, since nendos has the same face plate (and you have other versions), so… 😉

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  5. just wondering how if the battery runs out? can it be replaced? and if it can be replaced, can you tell me what type is it? sorry for the questions it’s because it looks like that i’m gonna buy 1

    • Yes it can be replaced..just remove the bottom cover and change the battery! As for the type I’m not sure about it exactly but it’s those watch battery.

      The Nendoroid comes with batteries so if you’re unsure, just remove those and go to the shop and get the same one.


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