News: Yamada Aoi previewed and amazing Figma/Nendo pictures.

Don’t know how many of you saw the post already but Yamada has been previewed over at Mikatan already. =D There were a glimpse of her during WonFes and the broadcast but now we have the full picture. =D

I REALLY like this thinking face and it does make me consider shelling out cash for her…

The crying face, not so much a fan. However it’s interesting that they did the sparkles in her eyes and also provided a broken plate. =)

But seriously, the true poison for me would be this right here. An upside-down Yamada from the anime…It’s impossible to resist!!

Other than being able to attach via the Wagnaria playset, you can also hold it via the action-base. I’m just worried about the weight issue though, will she drop out of her box during prolonged suspension..?

I REALLY REALLY like Yamada as a Nendoroid release but since it’s not a GSC Nendoroid, I am really considering here..My previous Max Factory Nendoroid left me less than pleased and I vowed never to get any more MF Nendoroids…however upside down Yamada is killing my resolve…=O

Anyways let’s move on to some crazy good pictures! That’s the reason why I always look forward to Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corners. =3

This is with all respect due, totally insane. The detail everything has is astounding and really just left me just speechless. It’s amazing that some-one would even consider doing a diorama like this and I just wonder how big the whole thing is. There was even a lay-out mailed together with the pics and wow, just pure dedication here..SALUTE!

And another piece of work here. The guy decided to pose the Nendoroids exactly as in the game and it’s really WOW. Although their stands are still visible, I am sure the guy tried his/her best. Props to the photographer!

With a simple background and appropriate props, you can do all sorts of cool stuff. I believe the railing is from the Nanoha Nendoroid Petit set right?

In case for those who didn’t know, Sylvanian family items are perfectly Nendoroid-sized. I sometime use my sister’s old Sylvanian house for photo-shoots and it’s perfect. The stuff will cost quite alot if you are getting them new though..really costly for the accessories and all. =(

Snow Miku in snow! I love outdoor photography and always during Kuroyagi-san, I get to see some really nice outdoor ones. And for some reason, it always seems to be Miku.. =3

That pretty much wraps up this post and if you don’t already know it, all pictures and info is from the awesome Mikatan!


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