News: Nendoroid Sakura Shinguji & Koubu Set previewed in Mikatan!

Sakura was one of the Nendoroids during WonFes that really caught my attention. A normal Nendoroid release with another robot? Yes please!! And that seems to be the general sentiment amongst fans which Mikatan has gladly obliged by doing a review!! =D

Both look pretty detailed with some nice paint job. First off, Sakura has a crumply skirt which is cool considering that most Nendoroids don’t really have that much realism in their clothes. Secondly I really like the hair sculpt for the ponytail and it’s a step up from normal Nendo blocky hair pieces. Koubu the robot thing despite being predominantly pink, also has details like the propeller, brass piping to break up the colour.

Nendoroids aren’t known for their poseability but Sakura here has a split on her top arm to allow some rotation of her katana. Not that mind-blowing but it’s good enough for me. =3

Apparently Koubu has Nendoroid joints for his arms and legs which means he has a certain degree of poseability. I won’t expect too much out of him, considering how chunky he looks.

By attaching Sakura’s top half into Koubu, she can ride him now! Nifty! Although it will take quite alot of space, it’s still better than displaying them separately. =3

Of course with Nendoroids being compatible most of the times, you can mix and match which really adds to the fun factor. On a side note, those mono-eyes do look moveable too!


Despite knowing next to nothing about the character (shall consult Wiki-Sensei after this), I am really excited for this release. It’s pink (one of my favourite colours on girls) and there’s a robot as well! Much like Millihore (on pre-order), this is one of those Nendoroids that looks really nice on display. I’m definitely getting her, are you? =D

Pictures and info all from Mikatan, as usual. =D



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