Review: Figma Black Rock Shooter

Figma BRS was the top-selling release distributed by GSC in 2010 and with an anime currently airing, BRS-mania does seem to be running wild..let’s take at the BRS that started it all!

Figma BRS comes with the BRS OVA included. Other than that, it’s interesting to note that BRS has a different opening to usual Figmas. It utilises a double flap..I prefer the usual but hey to each his own~

Since BRS is pretty much licensed by GSC and MF to produce,  they are milking it for all it’s worth. So with all that’s the quality? I got to say, BRS looks really good. From the glossy black to the blue/black hair, all the joints hidden real well and a crisp paintjob, BRS is a beautiful release. I don’t understand the gloss though..if I was always hanging around barren rocky places, why would my coat still be shiny..?

BRS comes with heels so balance is going to be slightly tricky without a stand. Her longer pony tail is also going to be in the way as it curves forward too much.

All her zippers and emblems are nicely painted with no spillage. Why wear a bikini top when you’re not well-endowed? I will never know..~ =3

Interestingly, the top of her boots also possess zips. So she can remove it in a hurry when she’s chilling?

Her coat really stands out in my opinion. Other than the gloss, the crumples are really realistic and they even have 2 joints near her waist for more pose-ability!

BRS comes with quite a number of stuff. You have 2 other facve-plates, her blue-flame fringe, 2 stands (1 for the cannon and 1 for BRS), her black blade and 2 really heavy chains.

The chains are really heavy and I don’t really get the point of it. I think it’s supposed to attach to the cannon or what but other than looking menacing, I probably will never display her with the chains.

The black blade looks pretty nifty and BRS looks cool wielding it. The edge is rather pointy though, don’t poke yourself in the eye while posing her. =3

BRS also comes with a serene expression. I think it’s mainly so you can do the transition from calm to….

the awesome blue flame!! BRS is probably so iconic (if she is iconic) because of that blue flame. The Figma does a pretty good job rendering this aspect, it’s clear blue and the sculpt looks really sweet. =D

Now on to the cannon! The damn cannon is crazy big and I really worry about the pose-ability of BRS with this strapped on. The upcoming BRS Insane will be even worse I suppose, as her Lance cannon is even bigger~

The cannon is crap to pose, her wrists are way too floppy to support the cannon properly and you DEFINITELY want a stand to hold the cannon. If not you will probably go insane from trying to balance the cannon without the stand.

However as all tremendously over-sized things are apt to be, they always end up looking good in pictures. Was it worth the effort to set it up and suffer the mindless frustration for all these, yes in fact. BRS is incomplete without her cannon and the pictures just highlights why~

The cannon isn’t the most colourful thing but with BRS being mainly black, you can’t expect too much. Other than the boring matt gunmetal, the sculpt has chinks and grooves , like it has been through hell (it probably has if it has been hanging out with BRS-chan~).

Still the cannon is a tremendous drain on you decide on which is more important…cannon or not?


BRS is a really good release from Max Factory. The quality is really evident and I can tell that MF really put in effort for BRS. The paint is well done, the joints are hidden really well and her accessories are useful and playable. The cannon is unwieldy but what do you expect out of something so big? Now we have more than 1 BRS version so which one should you get? It really depends on you but since this is the 1st and also being easier to find and cheaper, you might want to consider her. I’m glad I didn’t get into the whole BRS hype but it’s easy to see why people are so attracted to her..a cool design and kick-ass weapons? Awesome. =D

I have so many clones of me running around…that’s why talking is futile. It’s safer to shoot at first sight. *bang*


15 thoughts on “Review: Figma Black Rock Shooter

  1. That cannon is really bad ass! love it! But yeah it looks like it’ll be a pain to pose her without a stand for the cannon! XD

    If I have the funds, I’ll definitely get her for my future figma collection! 😀

  2. I own this figma, not bad, nice set of accessories too. I’m not fan of all the glossy bits on figures, electronics or anything for that matter. I also wish that the cannon was lighter, a bit of a pain to deal with sometimes.

    Still, nice figma over all, pretty neat if you are a fan of BRS in general.

  3. My friend’s BRS sometimes appears in my stories, and yes, her accessories is very plentiful and comes with… CHAINS~!
    Her Rock Cannon must use another stand (its a rule to any figma with over-sized weapons) in posing them.

  4. Ow… Darn, I want that chain & sword stuff… I must get her to aquire those, but still need saving here for a while. The Cannon is Goddamn big, & I felt like the cannon was kinda bigger than herself…

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  6. Her cannon is crazy big, yes. And posing her with it takes up quite the amount of space… But with dedication and patience, posing her with the cannon is well worth it.

    As for the figma, I can proudly say that I made the right choice of choosing her as the first figma I ever bought (Along with DM, who was bought at the same time as her).I currently have 5 figmas, but BRS never fell off her spot as my favorite.

    Also, the chains are prolly to replicate the many chained scenes in the OVA.

    • BRS is a tremendous release and similar to you, my cousin got this as his 1st Figma (which was borrowed for this review). =D

      The cannon is really hard to pose but truly as you say, worth it..and yeah I know those chained scenes but the metal ones are just a hassle to handle… =3

      • Here’s a pic of mine that might get you to pose her with teh chains >:)

        A scary idea, she keeps falling whenever I touch her even slightly; but if you don’t touch her, she’s stable, even with wind.


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