Review: Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter

With the review of BRS Figma up a few days back, it’s now time for the Nendoroid to shine! In case you didn’t know, BRS has a currently airing anime and also tons of figurines, figmas, curry rice.etc This is the first Nendo (and only) full-sized Nendoroid of BRS currently so let’s dive in and see what she offers~

BRS Nendoroid also comes with yet another OVA DVD so cheers! You get 2 copies if you bought both the Nendoroid and Figma~

BRS comes with the standard square base made cooler by the checkers and star~

BRS looks pleasantly serious right out of the box and her hair has the same hue her Figma did. Glossy coat is there as well and despite the shrunken size, the nice details are all still present.

I like the Nendoroid’s ponytail location more than her Figma version because it’s out of the way and doesn’t interfere with the front of BRS. The longer pony-tail also has a joint in which a lock can be lifted up for more dynamism.

. Her coat is on a single ball joint and flares up slightly to allow her legs to kick back. =)

Her zipper is comically large and all the white edges are crisp with no bleeding. The scars are also there so aesthetically, it looks really well done.

Despite her costume looking good, I seriously think the Nendoroid flame looks rubbish. First off there are 2 shades of blue, a lighter one behind, and the darker one for the front. The front piece looks gummy and just reminds me of a jelly blob. You can swivel the flame around though..if that really does excite you. =3

Cannon yes, blade yes, chains no. Other than that,  all sorts of hands and even a lower body to replicate the ChanxCo illustration. =)

I posed a fair bit with the black blade on the Figma and thus became lazy to do something cool with the Nendoroid..aahh

ah the fabled BRS cannon…I hated playing with that thing on the Figma but what’s this, the Nendoroid can support the cannon with just 1 hand? AWESOME~

By removing a part of the cannon’s handle, you can slide her fist into the cannon and with the Nendoroid’s tight joints, it’s fabulously fun to play~ I also removed the terrible looking gummy flame and BRS-chan looks so much better like this~

When the cannon works out, it really works out~

next up is the ChanxCo expression! It’s funky and you can use it to give a totally new vibe to BRS..I’m not that big a fan of it though…

To reflect the ChanxCo face-plate, another fringe is also provided. I personally like the flame of this fringe more and if there wasn’t the plaster stuck  on the head, I would probably use this as the main BRS flame. =3


her sleeves are meant for her to sit on the base and once that’s set up don’t you get this totally stoning vibe from BRS?



A Nendoroid is normally associated with cute deformed characters running about and BRS just doesn’t fit the ‘cute’ bill for me. It’s more kick-ass and unless you display her with the ChanxCo face-plate, your BRS will either look angry or deadly silent. That’s really cool and a departure from the normal saccharine goodness of Nendoroids methinks~ The paintjob is nice, her weapons are interesting and if it matters to you at all, the fact that the Nendoroid can hold her cannon aloft is a major plus for me. Get BRS if you like her design, you won’t regret it. However if she doesn’t register on your cutie-meter, no worries I feel the same as well~ (That’s why I borrowed this Nendoroid for the review~) XD

we live in such a boring monochrome world….


10 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter

  1. The blue flame part DOES look like a glob of… jello… It would’ve been nice if the colour followed the figma one…

    Ah, the ChanxCo expression wins everytime. XD

    • Personally I would go for DM but as a solid release, BRS got to be it. However BRS is coming out with an animation version soon, so it would be wiser to grab that considering how much better the flame looks for that version . =3

      • Really? Thanks XD
        I’m thinking on getting one on my birthday! Again, thanks a lot! 🙂


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