News: Nendoroid Akechi Kokoro!

With all 4 Milky Holmes girl out, it would be a crime to not have Kokoro, the ultimate policewoman with an IQ of 4 million (or 4000 depending on her mood) made into Nendoroid form as well. GSC seems to realise that and so here is Kokoro, 天才美少女!

Unfortunately enough, Kokoro is bundled together with the upcoming Milky Holmes PSP game which makes her a game-exclusive. I won’t be shelling out that premium and will wait instead for a mass-release or when the prices go down on Mandarake. =3

The mask she comes with looks pretty detailed and is even shiny~ Very very cool!

Other than the flustered expression, she also comes with a really pissed off face-plate. It’s fun and all but it just really reminds me of the one that came with Saber~

If you watched Milky Holmes, you would know exactly what this scene means. I just love how well Mikatan posed and took this photo making it look like a scene right off the anime.

What REALLY is the highlight for me however, is the fact that Kokoro comes with a portable siren on her head and riding on her segway! Omigosh…there is just something tremendously appealing about this…XD

Being Nendoroids, it’s natural to assume that the parts are interchangeable and it is! Now you can have your favourite Nendoroid zipping around on a Segway~

Kokoro is really adorable and if she was not an exclusive, I would have hit that pre-order button long ago. However as it stands, I’m going to wait for the prices to drop and then grab her, or if GSC comes out with a mass-release version (like Sharo), then it’s sayanora to this Kokoro-chan~


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