Preview: Kamen Rider Real Stage (Rider Action Battle Selection)

Recently work and assignments have been rather overwhelming and despite the pictures for various reviews being snapped and in my computer, I just can’t seem to find the motivation to sort and edit them. =( Instead I will just do a rather incomplete review on the Kamen Rider box toys. (The picture above is from InuXBoku) =3

The Rider Action Battle Selection comes in a set of four and depicts the riders from the first 3 series in action. It’s really nifty as it’s done in a diorama fashion and there are all sorts of effects to it. To make it even more realistic, I put up backgrounds behind each one to mimic the feel of it being right outta the show. =)

First off, Ichigo taking on some Shocker goons~ For something quite small, the detail is rather pleasing and I liked how one Shocker trooper was sent hurtling down the bridge.

Then Nigo goes and crashes into a Shocker base. As usual the details are really nice and love the action~

If you were wondering where I got the explosion effect part, wonder no more! I ripped it off V3 and Riderman here. This diorama features them skidding to a stop as they rider-kicked an unfortunate Kaijin to death (the long necked turtle thing).

Final scene is Kamen Rider X taking on Apollo Geist in a climatic battle. Apollo Geist has a ring of fire around him and that’s easily the most impressive part of this piece.


I know the pictures don’t show much detail so when I have the time, a more in depth review will be in order. As it is now, I prefer to call this a preview, than a review. Cheers everyone~



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