Review: Figma Dead Master

BRS is done so let’s move on to my favourite in this franchise, the alluring Dead Master! In the OVA she was seen clashing with BRS various times and now in the anime, she sports rocking new glasses and a slightly altered costume! (Yay?) This Figma was based off the OVA so let’s dive straight into the review!

DM comes with the standard large Figma sized box and despite the size, she seems to be packed with lesser stuff than BRS. =3

DM has a really simple design, just a black dress with leggings and heels. Everything about her is black or close to black so it does seem slightly dull. There are 2 ribbons though, at the front and back to break up this bleak monotony and also green shading on her hair so it isn’t all doom and gloom. =3

You can see how her skirt flares up and that will really aid in her posing later.

In case you haven’t realised, both her ‘wings’ and ‘horns’ are made of clear plastic which is a pretty neat touch by Max Factory. Her wings are glued into her back and it just feels rather fragile so be careful handling her there, you don’t want anything breaking off~

DM comes with stands for her skulls, the Figma stand, hand rack and her Dead Scythe. Her other expression wasn’t included for some reason but she has a licking face as well. =3

Her skulls looks really cool and has some sort of weathering done to it to make it even more realistic and battered. The jaw can be shifted as well so it’s brings some playability to the table. =3

The scythe is really heavy and her wrists can’t support it when it’s raised…at least DM can support it by herself though..unlike a certain blue-eyed loli~

The scythe has a marvellous paint job across the blade giving it the used, rough look and generally the scythe is my favourite part of this release. Look at how wickedly it curves~

The very fact that DM can balance on her scythe while licking her fingers just re-defined evil in a very cute, moe way~  Love this expression!

However when you make DM hold the scythe with both hands, it’s much easier to pose her with it and you can do some really mean stuff with that~

The skulls are fun but it just pales in comparison to Dm wielding that scythe~


Personally I think DM is a better release than BRS but I might be biased. Let me list down why exactly, first off, DM is just simpler and easier to pose with her design. Secondly her weapon can actually be posed with her without any issues and thirdly, she just looks meaner! However if you’re new to this whole BRS thing, I would recommend BRS over DM due to the fact she is the main character but if you already have BRS, DM is a worthy addition. =3



19 thoughts on “Review: Figma Dead Master

    • ahaha I’m only temporarily housing her, will return her to my cousin once all the girls from the BRS project is done. =D

      Wonder what kind of havoc they wrecked back at his house.. =3

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  2. In the OVA, DM had an expression of NOT smiling; I often wish that MF would add that to DM… but beggars can’t be choosers.

    I find DM to equal BRS in a different sense; BRS has this beautiful atmosphere around her if you pose her well enough, thanks to her articulate hair. DM on the other hand, has a very alluring and seductive feel around her… And I can safely say that I am RARELY seduced (especially not by an animated girl OR a piece of plastic) but DM hooked me with her scythe well enough for me to make her one of the 2 first figmas I’d buy. in fact, the condition of her box was so good, I decided to open her a month after I oened BRS.

    a sexy and alluring figure
    a moelicious tongue-out face
    a big scythe
    2 well-sculpted skulls

    DM is indeed a winner in the figma line.

    • DM is the plainest girl out of the BRS line but seriously there’s just something about her that makes her pop. DM by far is my favourite girl as well hahaha and your comment just summed up her beauty so well. =3

  3. I saw the episode brs and then with the green glasses =3NOT RED GLASSES -.-when black Rock shooter had a blue famed eye and new belt 🙂

  4. Yea and when I saw dead master with green glasses her place is green with green sulls eyes and gold saw used her big saw sword and cut chairrot’s place!when she looked at her she fell down!then black Rock shooter went to black gold saw’s place and black rock shooter cut her rocks out.she fight’s against dead master she garbed her other brown sword “later”she killed dead master. her left eye was blue.a big arrow throow rock and she turned into insane black rock shooter·.·


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