Review: Nendoroid Dead Master

Since the Figma DM has been reviewed here, let’s move on to the Nendoroid version today!!

Dead Master also comes with her own checkered base and the 2 other clear rods are for the skulls.

DM has a really simple design, and that elegance is reproduced into Nendoroid form. Compared to the Figma which had clear wings and horns, the Nendoroid has a solid black ones. Not too much of a bummer but I was kind of hoping for consistency..=3

The green shading across her hair is present as well and despite never thinking of DM as a cute character, the Nendoroid is truly adorable. =3

What the Figma had, the Nendoroid has as well with the CHANxCO add-ons as well. =3

Her scythe isn’t as detailed as the Figma one but it’s of a decent size and looks pretty cool~ It’s neat that DM can also hold it with one hand and even though it’s heavy, it’s still manageable.

Nendo DM also comes with a licking face-plate and the arms look to awkward for it be effectively conveying that sense of malice. The skulls are just one piece with no moveable jaw, and looks rather jolly. =3

the CHANxCO expression is wonderfully ‘doh’ here. Maybe DM pissed off BRS or BGS too much and got that bump as a result? =D


If you already have the Figma BRS, the Nendoroid shouldn’t pack any surprises for you. On it’s own the Nendo is rather delightful but I’m just under-whelmed. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of accessories and chibi DM is really cute but I just felt that the Figma did a better job representing the character than the Nendoroid did. If you’re a BRS completionist, then you’re obviously getting her but if you had to choose between a Nendoroid or Figma, I would point you towards the Figma instead. =3




10 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Dead Master

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  2. Umm… In our country Dead Master is the most expensive (of all BRS series nendo). Why do you think so? Could you compare her with the other Nendos in the series?

    • Hmm maybe it’s due to the scarcity of stock and also because DM has more accessories, like the skulls and stuff. I personally prefer DM over the rest of the girls but it’s really a matter of personal taste. If you like BRS/DM/Strength, then just get them. =3 Hope that I helped you

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