Review: Figma Black Gold Saw

The BRS franchise aren’t really known for their cool intricate names and Black Gold Saw isn’t an exception. She is black and wields a giant sword/saw, hence her name. We only got glimpses of her in the OVA and with the start of the anime, she got much more screen time.

BGS looks really good, her hair sculpt, her boots and her ridiculously over-sized hands all contribute to the intimidating factor. As much as I like DM, I have to say BGS is more well-done.There is also something about BGS’s tummy sculpt that just feels really sexy..maybe it’s the definition of her rib-cage..?

BGS totters on platform boots and in a vanilla standing pose, you can pull it off. However for more complex stuff, a stand will save you time and effort.

In case you haven’t already realised, BGS is white..pasty white and normally that turns me off but on BGS it works. Her skin tone contrasts with her black costume and red eyes and you get a really mean vibe to her. Her 2 horns are translucent but what I really like are her boots. It’s really pointy and overall it just looks she doesn’t even need her King Saw to kill you. Her kicks will be deadly enough… =3

Accessories wise, BGS is pretty plain. Her over-sized hands have no wrist mobility and just plug straight in so other than her King Saw and 2 other face-plates, there’s nothing else.

It’s real nice that BGS can grab her King Saw and not have it fall off but it’s still a heavy weapon nonetheless. The lack of wrist mobility helps to steady the weapon but it’s still going to sink down when held high..nothing you can do about it unless a stand is involved.

Another thing to note is that BGS’s sleeves really blocks the turning of her hand so limited poses can be pulled off in the end.

Similar to all the previous BRS Figmas, the King Saw is also impressively done. The chinks are realistic and the paint job is superb. =)

I’m not such a fan of the half-smiling face-plate. On the box it looks pretty mean but when displayed, she just looks rather clueless…


BGS with her King Saw just looks really menacing…


I don’t really know what else to say but GET IT. I really think BGS is totally fantastic and despite her minimal accessory count, her sculpt and detailed King Saw is enough. If you already have BRS then BGS is obviously a no brainer but for non-fans..?  I would still recommend BGS as she has such a unique look and she can be the evil villain in your collection! =3 The BGS Figma line has really upped the ante for Figmas in general and whenever I get a new Figma, they just don’t seem to stack up that well to the BRS girls..=3 BGS has surprised me a fair bit..from feeling meh~ about the character.,.the Figma has made me go wow..~ That can only be a good thing right?

Bow to me.


11 thoughts on “Review: Figma Black Gold Saw

  1. Wow. I got BRS, but have always avoided getting BGS whenever I saw one on shelf. The minimal accessory set was what turn me off, but from your review, it is making me hype for some reason now. o_O

    Not sure if THAT is a good thing, or not.

  2. Ah, the anime really made me want a BGS and looking at your review makes me want her more :P. I think out of all the BRS girls I like her design the best, followed by DM.

  3. As much as I would want to get her, her cost just keeps on fending off my attempts to buy her (really expensive in the secondary market) but since the anime was released I guess we can expect a BGS anime ver.

    Still a hardcore DM fan btw ^_^

  4. Oh man, how I wish I did not have to pass on BGS when she was first released. I think she is deliciously evil. I’m hoping that an anime version will be released and that in turn makes the second hand prices on the original go down.

  5. The looks, the aura, & even the name says it all, she’s a villain… I don’t know about this character or even know the show, but I must say… The design was quite imaginative mixed with stylish. Anyway… Just a personal thought, her faceplates really need that hair imo… I feel like her faceplates was kinda like a man & woman’s face.


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