News: Tokyo International Anime Fair and Nendoroid Takanashi Miu

Tokyo International Anime Fair was back this year and despite the neutering of Ishihara, I felt that there were still some interesting stuff of note. =3 The GSC booth is still there and with it, we got several previews of what is to come!

As previewed before, the Insane BRS. She looks fantastic and the pricetag that comes with her is insane as well, so a easy skip for me. =3

I already knew Luka Tony ver. was gorgeous and constantly being bombarded by images of her is not helping my resolve…still I aim to keep my wallet shut for other things..namely Inori!

The figurine made me go OMG during WonFes and now seeing it again is just asking GSC to rob me off my money..or was it Max Factory who is producing this figurine..? You don’t have to watch Guilty Crown to appreciate how gorgeous she looks and with that dynamic pose, it’s a real winner!

You can also spy the Nendoroid Inori at the back there. =D

The figurine was soo beautiful and the Nendoroid is pretty awesome as well. She has double pistols, comes with the robot Fyuuneru and the effect part where she has the void being pulled out! I think I might have to choose between the figurine or Nendoroid but both looks soooo goood. Arggghh XD

Then next is Takanashi Miu from Papaikki (Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!) which carries on the tradition of having a long title…Miu is a truly sensible, outgoing kid and really really lovable and GSC decides to release her first out of the 3 kids which says a lot for her popularity.

Mikatan did a review on her so let’s take a further look on what she comes with. =3

The first impression is that she’s pretty plain and her fluffy ball ribbons look kinda limp on her hair. However her hair sculpt is dynamic and overall Miu looks really sweet.

As a Nendoroid it looks really cute and teasing but when you realise that she is actually 10 years old in the anime…. =3

Other than that, Miu comes with a suitcase and the long-sleeved shirt. Pretty cool but not something that blows my mind.


I dig both Inoris and they really make me want to part with my cash. Their paint job and sculpt looks fantastic and represents enough of the original character to justify the purchase. Miu on the other hand doesn’t appeal to me that much despite her being an awesome character…if Hina-chan were to be released with some Luna Luna add-ons..well maybe then I would crack open my wallet? =3

Till then, thanks for reading folks!


info and pictures kindly linked from Nekomagic and Mikatan. =3

13 thoughts on “News: Tokyo International Anime Fair and Nendoroid Takanashi Miu

  1. The skirt lifting one is really something… Kids these days… LOLOLOL XD

    but for IBRS… a total skip for me, the package isn’t worth it (for me anyway)

    • it’s really hard to justify being worth it at that kind of price for a Figma…still I know people are still going to grab it and then MF/GSC will up the prices even more the next time… =(

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, that fat pervert from Papakiki called her an angel correct? then she’s my now my angel as well >_< Miu-tan! ! Blonde, twintail, and has a playful character, the perfect loli character! Instant win for me! ! !

      • Well true, with so many nendoroids out there it seems so hard to find something thats unique (except for the accessories) I wish I can find a Neko-Arc nendoroid (First Nendoroid there is ^_^)

      • I did see it around at Mandarake so try your luck there? Their shipping costs are hardcore use it only as your last resort.. =3

  3. Honestly, Miu’s design was plain simple & common, I’ve seen so many characters that resembles her looks… 10 years old?! Other Nendo looks the same like her… However, I like her parts.


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