Liebster’s Blog Award on 赤信号

What exactly is the Liebster’s blog award? Well I didn’t even know it existed until Yan-san graciously nominated me as one of the blogs in his post. Liebster (Dearest in German) Blog award is an award in which nominated blogs spread the award further by nominating other blogs and it goes on and on. Like a happy, viral award. XD (only for blogs with 300 or less following though)

So here are my 5 award winners! おめでとう ございます!!

The order of the listing doesn’t mean anything, everyone is really good. =D

First off is Inu’s Toy Gallery. He is a personal friend and the one that got me into serious outdoor photography. I am always inspired by how he brings his toys out for some cool photoshoots and he knows all the good places to shoot in town. =D Do check out his blog and see how beautiful Singapore looks through his lenses. =D

Then we have  Ishoku’s One-Coloured Othello. I really enjoy her photography and she always find such beautiful places to shoot at. Just take a look at some of her stuff and you will definitely be blown away by how gorgeous her photos it’s really pretty and just makes me want to find places as gorgeous as hers so that I can achieve something like that. Figurines are beautiful but figurines outdoors, that’s really amazing! =D

Ota-Sensei is next up! Ruoani is an otaku with an burning loli-pride and it’s interesting to see what gets that pride all fired up. Despite being absent from blogging for abit, he’s now back and bringing me interesting updates about stuff. It’s nice to see him doing reviews and listing down stuff to watch the coming spring season so as fellow Otakus, let’s work even harder and indulge even more! XD

Viofitz is an avid Black/Black RX fan and it’s interesting to see him do coverages on S.I.Cs as there really aren’t many reviews on that line, especially the Another Shadowmoon. =D He just started out but he already has some interesting reviews on his blog so check it out! He even does some of his reviews in Bahasa Indonesia AND English which shows how much dedication he has, cool stuff! =D


Of course, looking at 2D stuff all the time is totally awesome but what is even better is 2D cosplayed! Yu from Cosplayjp will bring you a cosplay picture shot by him everyday and it’s really really cool! He has a tremendous knack of finding totally appropriate locations together with cute and pretty models and it’s something that I look forward to everyday. His photographs are really nice so if you like cosplay, subscribe! XD

Alright those are my 5 winners and they are all so fantastic! See you all and thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Liebster’s Blog Award on 赤信号

  1. Very interesting places you nominate here

    O wO)

    *click click follows click click* naisu desu ne… naisu desu ne…

  2. SUGOI! ! ! You actually chose me! hahahaha! doumo, doumo *whispers* Let’s just keep me being a lolicon a secret, hahahaha!
    I guess I’ll pass this award sometime 😀

  3. :-O I can’t believe it… Thx for the award, mate. – Salutes & Bows – Unfortunately, you forgot 1 person… YOU! Hahahaha… I like your review, interesting, simple, useful, & helpful. Lot’s of interesting pictures there. Actually, your reviews are one of the reason that motivate me to do my own blog & I even learned from some of your reviews.

    • Hahaha I don’t think you can nominate yourself for the award, it’s weird if all the winners are yourself. XD

      Thanks alot mate, I really like yours as well, looking forward to more stuff you will be reviewing. =D

      • Yeah… I know, just make a little joke but you are more worth to earn it, if there’s a nominations.

        U welcome, & same to you too. 😉


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