Review: Nendoroid Strength

I can finally conclude reviews of the BRS projects with Nendoroid Strength. In case you’re wondering what happened to Figma Strength..well I’m not reviewing her. The moment I got her out of the box, parts were falling off left and right and seriously I’m just gonna skip her and go straight to the Nendoroid here is Nendo Strength!

Nendoroid Strength is pretty plain and without the white lines, she will be really meh.

It’s interesting that they gave Strength a tail and that adds to the uniqueness of this design. Other than the very suspicious hoodie~

Even though the white lines help to break up the monotony, I have to say that this time, GSC did a pretty sloppy job here. The white paint isn’t evenly applied for her flame patterns and I can see some smudges here and there. I don’t know if this one is an isolated case or it’s just bad throughout but after being spoilt by GSC so much, this feels kind of sad.

You can see more of the smudges on the back here. It’s a major part of Strength and it’s disappointing it would turn out like this. =(

Accessories wise, the Ogre Arms are separate together with the option parts for the chanXco expression.

Of course you can switch out her boring hands for the crazy awesome Ogre Arms and despite it being Nendoroid-sized, it’s amazingly playable. You have elbow articulation up and down, and her arms can swivel those hands left and right. Her fingers are individually articulated as well, very impressive!

To simulate the dreary, sad world of BRS, Strength’s Ogre Arms are battle-worn as well and all in all, it looks really good. It’s so cool that I can almost forgive GSC for the sucky paintjob on her collar, almost…

Strength without the hoodie collar looks SOO plain. It’s also disappointing that Strength doesn’t come with any other face-plates other than the chanXco one..I could have had more fun with an angry expression but since Strength pretty much looks emotionless all the time, it’s accurate to the character.. =3


Then you have the chanXco expression. I can’t say I’m a tremendous fan of this..for some reason she just doesn’t seem that cute..? Ah well to each their own~


As far as Nendoroids go, I really think Strength isn’t that cute of a release. Her strength (pun intended) doesn’t really lie with her charm, but instead in those humongous arms. She has a seriously plain design and without those weapons, easily overlooked.The playability is interesting and with the rest of the gang, seriously cool stuff could happen. Would I get her alone..?  No, but hey if you are a fan of Strength (really? =3) or looking to complete your BRS collection, you’re getting her whatever I say anyways.. XD

BRS Animation version..? =3


13 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Strength

  1. Damn… Her Nendo’s seems better than her Figma on some parts, I guess… In here her extra arms are quite acceptible for her body proportion. In Figma… The extra arms looked kinda oversized imo.

    Well, it’s quite dissapointing too to have her with only 2 expression… I agree with you, she should have an angry/serious expression.

  2. And when I was suppose to get her already, lol. I guess this proves that reading reviews on a certain object helps determine whether its actually worth it or not, well I’m not really a fan STR, just thought that i would actually get her since someone was offering her for cheap. I guess the nendo seems quite plain, though I do love the individual articulation of the orge arms fingers. It seems that GSC didn’t give much love to strength this time, , , ,

    • Yeah, even her figurine seems rather plain with her sitting down in a rather relaxed expression. =(

      Well if you can get her for cheap..why not? Considering she’s a loli and all…plus her Ogre Arms are fun. *winks*


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