Review: S.H.Figuarts Skyrider

The S.H.Figuarts line hasn’t gotten any reviews for the longest time and finally I managed to get my hands on a discounted Skyrider so here he is, the next addition to my Showa Riders! Skyrider is from the 1979-80 series Kamen Rider Skyrider and true to his name..he can fly! Why ride a crummy motorbike when you can fly right? XD

Skyrider has a funky teal coloured box and in comparison to other Showa riders, it seems kind of plain..?

When I saw the promo pics, Skyrider looks quite fat but after handling the SHF, I’m glad to see that he is rather slim and presentable. The brown does make him look a little wide but it all balances out in the end. He has shiny gloves and boots, matt coat for the rest of his body. His scarf has a terrible seamline where it connects but other than that, everything looks really nice. =3

The lines on Skyrider are crisp but prone to be scratched off so be careful handling yours.

Skyrider’s helmet is my personal favourite bit of the rider. It’s probably the most insectoid looking helmet of them all and you can see the locust influences here. The black paint on mine isn’t perfect but I’m sure if you take your time to scrutinise the different ones in the store, you can get a decent one. =D

Skyrider’s belt Tornado is pretty well done here and it looks pretty sweet. I would prefer more panel lines for the belt but for what it’s worth, it looks nice enough. The 2 levers on his sides are moveable but be WARNED, it’s loose. Always check your Skyrider after playing with it to make sure your levers are still there, you don’t want to lose them as there are no getting a new one. Xo

Despite the solid paintjob, I really felt that Skyrider’s arm joints could be better hidden. Maybe his chest wasn’t wide enough or his arms were too scrawny..but that ball joint is really obvious..Bandai should have done better for that.. =(

Accessories wise, it’s quite sad. Other than the scarf and 2 extra hands..that’s all there is..I guess Bandai thinks giving you a special stand covers it all? Not really but hey..better than nothing right..?

Sailing Jump is the technique Skyrider uses to fly and hey, he jumps to fly! I don’t really know if that’s awesome or not.. =3

The long scarf when lengthens as Skyrider flies is represented here in a separate part. As you can see, you have to pluck out the head and existing neck joint, and replace it with the long scarf. I’m not such a big fan of it as it entails loose joints if done repeatedly over time. =(

However the long scarf looks really impressive and the effort taken to switch this on is easily justified. It looks very ninja~ However it’s a solid piece of plastic and really hinders Skyrider’s neck articulation and balance so you either go for the look, or the articulation without it.

Sailing Jump!

Skyrider also comes with a separate clear piece to hold him up in flying mode but for the life of me I can’t just seem to attach it properly. I tried pushing it in hard but it still pops off at the slightest touch so man it really stinks. I’m afraid to mess with it anymore as I don’t want the paint to be scraped off his belt..I think I just suck at using that base.. =3

Skyrider is on flying patrol and what does he see?

Skyrider: Ichigo Senpai! I have a question!

Ichigo: Yo Skyrider, what’s up my midori kouhai?

Skyrider: You know..recently the ratings for my show hasn’t been that great…

Ichigo: Ah that…the curse of unpopularity.. follow me and I’ll show you how it’s done!

Skyrider: Nigo Senpai!

Nigo: Man..another one?

Ichigo: You know that..ratings and all *whisper whisper*

Nigo: Why am I always stuck with this?

Ichigo: Well I gotta go smash some Shocker grunts again, heard they are spawning near Tokyo….hee hee~

Nigo: Eh fine then, leave it to me!

Skyrider: Iterashai!

Nigo: Alright now, look here. A cool rider always gotta have an awesome pose when he kicks ass. See mine looks super cool!

Skyrider: Oh wow, I’m feeling the shivers Senpai!

Nigo: Now give me your best shot!

Skyrider: Yes sir!

Skyrider: Hai yah!

Nigo: ….they should just cancel your show..

Nigo : Come on man..think!

Skyrider: Hmm….

*About 5 hours later*

Skyrider: How about this?

Nigo: YES YES! Thank the grasshoppers!

Nigo: Next we got to practise cool combat manoeuvres. That will keep the kids happy and the adults will want more. Come on now Amazon!

Skyrider: Amazon Senpai!..No I’m scared!!!

Skyrider: Arrggghh if I fight Amazon Senpai, I will be all bloody and dismembered!!


Nigo: Kouhai, you must conquer your fears…defeat Amazon and rise to greater heights!

Skyrider: bbbuuttt Amazon was so radical that his series got cancelled halfway through…

Nigo: Exactly! If you kick Amazon’s ass, then you know exactly what to do for your series!

Skyrider: Oh yeah..alright then.

After brutally getting his ass repeatedly handed over to him by Amazon…Skyrider managed to survive and defeated Amazon. *whole room applause*

Skyrider: I know know what do Senpai-tachi! I am a stronger rider now thanks to all of you! *cries manly locusty tears*

Nigo: Good! Now go on and blaze a path forward! Sail or jump to your destination, but never stop flying!

Amazon: Suukkaaaiiirraaaiidaaa….ttooommoooodaaacchiii


Despite this being a Skyrider review, it sort of deviated into random jokes thrown into at his expense. That doesn’t mean I hate that fella though..if more than anything, it just shows how much fun I had with him. He looks really neat with all the matt coat on his costume coupled with the shiny black. His helmet is really locusty which is a plus point for me and despite his lack of accessories, his free (really?) base is useful for his sailing jump poses. Articulation wise, it’s standard S.H.Figuarts all round and Skyrider can strike almost any pose you might ever want him to do. I don’t regret getting him one bit and if you’re a Showa era fan like me, he is a must get. However other than that..I can’t really recommend Skyrider as he just doesn’t have the X factor that Ichigo had which made him a definite buy.

Sorry Skyrider, I really do love you. Don’t cry now. =3

And sorry dear readers for subjecting you to nonsense for this review, give yourself a pat on the back if you read it all the way till here. Congratulations! =D


11 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Skyrider

    • Hahaha I guess with a cool looking helmet, whatever they do seems cool regardless? =3

      Yeah I had plenty of fun..maybe it’s cause I haven’t done SHF reviews in awhile.. =3

  1. Amazon was rad… i guess that radness was too much for his time… i wonder if they’ll remake amazon today…

  2. If I look closely on SkyRider’s head on side view… He’s almost look alike with S.I.C. Black. SkyRider apparently are not quite popular… His design was pretty simple, not flashy as Ichigo Nigo or even wicked as Amazon, however I like his helmet… His S.I.C. version already released last year, unlike the old release, S.I.C. SkyRider got more decent joint to make him poseable

    Hahaha… Very fun review! Nice job, really enjoyed reading this.

    • I think the S.I.C version made him look much better than his Showa tv version, looks slicker and cooler. Hahaha but I don’t go for S.I.Cs so yeahh =3

      Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it! =D

      • If S.H.Figuarts SkyRider were molded dark green, this will rocks too imo. S.I.C. SkyRider was added more muscular & got more line sculpt element on his entire body.

        Somehow, I kinda relieved they don’t attract u much… Trust me, in my experience S.I.C. is the most irritating figure ever for me. Well, it’s just me, I guess…

      • Hahaha I have the S.I.C V3 and Riderman combo and also the Henshin Ninja Arashi…not too impressed with them. Great painting and details but the articulation is….erhem~

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