News: GSC’s 10th anniversary: Resale and new product requests!!

As stated in the title, GSC are accepting requests for reissues and new products on their website! It’s in japanese but if you can read basic kanji and kana, it shouldn’t be an issue navigating around. =D

In case you can’t read, here’s a little help. The top left orange button are Nendoroids followed by Figma (DUH) and then scaled figures. The 1st 3 are existing products in which you can vote for a reissue and when you click upon them, you get a drop down box in which all released stuff are listed. Just tick in whichever you want re-released (up to 5), then click the (上記内容で送信する) at the bottom to confirm it.The last button is a request for new products and as Mikatan said:

You need to fill in:
‘Series Name’ (作品名) : ‘Character Name’ (キャラクター名) : ‘Product Genre’ (ジャンル).

I haven’t tried it yet but I’m tempted to enter Gundam, Char Aznable, Nendoroid. =3

So what did I pick?

Selection for re-releases:

1. Nendoroid Nagi

2. Figma Kyon

3. Figma Lum

4. Figurine Saber Triumphant Excalibur

5. Nendoroid Saber Lion

And when you’re done, you will be ushered to the results page! It’s interesting to see what are the most popular requested products~

You will get the top 20 most requested items and if that interests you, you can always take a look. As of the moment the top 5 ranking for Nendoroids are:

1. Miyafuji Yoshika (Strike Witches)

2. Saber Lion (Fate) Yay!

3. Saber Lily (Fate)

4. Flandre Scarlet (Touhou)  Although I have her, it still rocks to see her popular!

5. Kurisu Makise (Stein’s Gate) Really..? I saw so many lying about and now people want a reissue? Hmm…

Top 5 for Figma are:

1. Saber Lily (Fate) Ohh yes…but I will feel sad for people who paid for the game..

2. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) YES PLEASE!

3. Hakurei Reimu (Touhou) Not the biggest fan but the Figma does look good, a re-release would definitely suck my cash. =3

4. Kururugi Suzaku (Code Geass) Of course you can’t have Lelouch without Suzaku now…YESSA

5.Saber Extra (Fate) Another game exclusive..hmm hmm..

Then for figures is…

1. Saber Lily Golden Caliburn (Fate) Ehh she costs a bomb now so if the reissue would bring costs down maybe..?

2.Shiki Ryougi Garannodou (Kara no Kyoukai) I have never heard of this figurine before but it got me curious and despite the boring hair..the kimono looks outstanding!

3.  Nagato Yuki Gekisou (Haruhi) Man I want Haruhi more but Yuki is nice as well =3

4. Saber Triumphant Excalibur (Fate) My vote here!

5. Tenshi (Angel Beats!) Good news for Kanade fans here!

HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean what gets the highest vote will definitely be re-issued. There are still various factors such as production.etc that GSC has to consider. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to try and since it closes on the 1st of May, there is still plenty of time to vote! Go and make your choices known people! =D If you can’t read Japanese, no worries as Google sensei is always there and if need be, I can be of some assistance as well! =D

The link for the voting is here and all information once again kindly linked from Mikatan. =D

Seeya guys!


15 thoughts on “News: GSC’s 10th anniversary: Resale and new product requests!!

  1. I chose Figma mostly…

    Figma 063: Lum Invader(Urusei Yatsura)
    Figma SP-010: Aya Kagura(Morning Coffee)
    Figma 071: Mikkuru Asahina(Adult Version)
    These 3 mainly for my attempt to create a custom Figma, maybe…
    Figma EX 002: Shakugan no Shana(Black Haired version): I know it’s exclusives & it won’t be possible to be reissued but really hunt this one…
    Nendoroid 113: Nene Anegasaki: Although I still saw this everywhere but I’m currently have 0 interest on collecting Nendos, until I’ve found my other wishlist.

    • Lum-Chan!! We all love that feisty chick eh~

      Hmm I know black-haired Shana is an exclusive but still exclusives such as Saber Lily and Extra topped the list. I also highly doubt any exclusives will be reissued but one can always hope yeah..? You can always try Mandarake for Shana if you can bear the expensive shipping.. =3

      • Not just being exclusives… She also lacks popularity I guess, so the possibility is some what 10%.

        Bear it? Even on standard price I still think a lot before buying them. Mandarake… I remembered when I looked for S.I.C. Another Shadow Moon & S.H.Figuarts Ichigo Nigo the Next & they got a shocking price for those 3. So I threw that away…

      • totally know where you’re coming from mate..even the SHF Acrobatter and Battlehopper costs a limb down there…not even including the shipping..some times stuff is just worth waiting for the right price? =3

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