Review: 1/8 Akemi Homura (GSC)

I have been sucked into the Madoka rabbithole and almost every GSC release just makes me shamelessly open my wallet. HOWEVER, I managed to control myself for the figurines and only pre-ordered Homura and Mami. Awesome self-discipline eh~ Without further ado, here is Homu-homu’s figurine debut on 赤信号!

Homura comes in a really pretty lavender box and it’s charming and simple. However the box seems to rather big for her and I would appreciate a smaller box-size..guess it’s her hair?

I’m a big fan of intricate bases and that is exactly what Homura has! Eh not exactly..she just has a thin piece of purple plastic..but I still like it! The base is compact and space-saving while still being pretty! Qualities I value there.. =3

You just remove Homura from the box and pluck her on the base there. Nothing too demanding about it. Interestingly enough, Homura can also balance without the base so if you’re keen on that, give it a try! I still prefer the base though, don’t want Homura face-planting in my shelf. =3 Back to the figurine, Homu-homu has a real sassy, confident posture to her and despite it being a rather static pose, it’s really Homura!

You can see how well the purple triangles were done here..they were sculpted on and painted, giving it some real definition. Her hair also has a graceful flowing feel to them. =3

If you view her straight up, Homura has a determined feeling to her and I just love the craftsmanship here. She looks so simple but it still manages to look tremendously well-done. *pats GSC on the back*

From the side you then have a pensive Homura. I love how you get different moods depending on the angle, that really opens up different posing possibilities despite the figurine’s static pose. =D

The folds in her shirt were also nicely done and really follows the curve of her arms. The long ribbons on her collar and rear waist are rubbery so no fear of them snapping off unless you twist them to unimaginable angles. =D

Her shirt has a nice flowing effect as well and combined with the skirt, she seems to be frozen in the middle of a breeze. Look at those legs as well! The glossy stockings just makes her look so sexy~ =3

Homu-homu’s hair still looks cartoony but I appreciate how widely it fans out and gives the whole figurine a dynamic feel. =3

The all important Mahou Shoujo soul gem! It’s located on Homura’s hand and I really wanted it to comprise of a clear jewel…however GSC decided to paint it and although it’s small, there are no paint bleeds so yay!

It’s nice that GSC has an additional pose for Homura and it comes in the form of 2 other arms.

Now the stoic Homura has a pistol so you don’t want to piss her off even more. =3 I thought I really liked the previous pose but when I switched this in I was even more impressed. =D (You have to pull her head out before taking out those arms, it’s real important!!)

Not much detail on her shield and pistol but hey it’s not a deal breaker. The main point here for me were how the hands were sculpted around the gun. It looks really believable with Homura cocking the weapon =3.

However there’s a real issue aesthetically here for the pistol wielding hands. Those hands are too orange! I’m not sure if it’s that visible through the photos but the skin tinge is different from her face. So if viewed up close, it’s actually a little ridiculous…she has sunburn on her hand but not on her face..? =3

License to stop time AND then kill. =3

Don’t mess with the Homu


Other than the orangey tone of her pistol hand, I can find no faults in this figurine. I really like how this release captures the attitude of Homu-homu and despite it’s rather boring pose, it works. The quality here is really good and if you have a chance to handle it and scrutinize the paint-job and sculpt, please do. Even though Homura has the dullest uniform of the quartet, GSC manages to make her charming in her own special way and I’m real glad I pre-ordered her. Should you get it..? I would say yes but since it’s rather expensive (this 1/8 Homura cost me the same as the Nendoroid AND Figma combined), I would really leave the decision to you. =3

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10 thoughts on “Review: 1/8 Akemi Homura (GSC)

    • I guess I should be happy? None of the girls were happy after their contracts.. =3

      I will also never ever be late for stuff, with 3 homu-homus, I have all the time in the world. =D

  1. Sigh… GSC… I was looking forward so much to their rendition of Homura but alas I was rather underwhelmed when it was first showed. Perhaps I was a bit too hasty to pass on her being my favorite Puella Magi after all. It is still a nice figure, simple but quite nice.

    • I guess being Homura..she can’t be too flashy? I also read somewhere that this pose of Homu-homu was based off some original artwork

      so being the sucker I am for these kinda stuff, I was hooked. =D

  2. After seeing so many review I really regret not getting her and madoka, heck I can still get them but the prices are already inflated :/

    Love your outdoor pictures again. The only thing thought but its in general is that I would have prefered the figures with just plain base instead of colored. thats just my opinion.

    • Madoka was really gorgeous as well but hey, I need the cash so I saved it for only Homura and Mami. Hmm it does depend on how the plain base would look…for photography that would be nice as it wouldn’t be too obtrusive but for display it might be too plain? Thanks for the comment! =D

  3. Wonderful outdoor shots you have there. =3 Homura’s so plain but it certainly works for her, she’s just that kind of girl. =P

    I didn’t notice the orange hands on mine, maybe I’ll have to go back and take a look at them. Though I unboxed a few other figures that same night so I was probably just to hasty to get them all out than really looking at detailing on them like I usually do. oTL


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