News: 1/8 Yuzuriha Inori (Guilty Crown) previewed!

I was really hyped by this rendition of Inori ever since I saw her at WonFes and now Mikatan has finally previewed her on her blog and I got to say, it does look real impressive~

Inori is from the anime Guilty Crown and despite her not being my favourite (Tsugumi takes the cake here), she has one of the most ridiculous/beautiful costumes I’ve seen in awhile. =3

I really liked how the pose was done here with the skirt streaming out so posture wise, Inori is pure win. However..from the pictures, the paintwork look less than stellar here..maybe they are going for a semi-gloss coating or because it’s the prototype but there is the orange-peel effect evident on her clothes here. The orange-peel effect is so named when you spray too much top coat giving it an orangey peel texture on the plastic and you can it see it obviously in the above picture.. hmmm

But even so, I appreciate how many different shades of red GSC took to layer Inori with, gives the whole figurine that much more definition. And don’t forget that lean sexy body too *winks*

I suppose GSC is going for a more realistic rendition of the character here, hence the more adult look on Inori. I don’t know why but her face here just seems a little off..maybe it’s too wide? I went back to the 1st picture and since Inori poses with her head slightly tilted up, looking at it straight on isn’t the right way to do it..? The serene expression is real zen though. =3


I’m rather ambivalent about this release really..when I first saw it, I was ecstatic and really would throw money at GSC for that both the Figma and Nendoroid have been announced, this figurine just doesn’t really seem to cut it…especially with how similar the Figma looks in comparison. However I suspect that Inori is one of those figurines that look better in real life than through photos so I might splash my cash on her…it all depends on whether I have the dough when the pre-orders open at my local hobby store. =3


Mikatan for the info as usual. =D  ありがとうございます!

8 thoughts on “News: 1/8 Yuzuriha Inori (Guilty Crown) previewed!

  1. Looks like Inori is getting a lot of publicity! Even though I don’t know Inori as an actualy character, she looks like a great figure to have! I really like her! Would love to have the figma, nendo and this 1/8 figure all together =3

  2. On the begining I’ve been thinking to have interest on her figma but I’m still filled with many doubt, since I know nothing about her, yet… I don’t really like the design much. However, reading this post I became more curious on her. Then I surfed around about her & she made it to melt my doubtness… I’ll hunt her figma someday.

    • HAHAHA…oh maan. Well it’s always good to get more stuff! If you are interested in her Figma, her pre-orders are open now on several should be way cheaper to p.o her than hunt her down in the future? =3

      • Already done that… Now, wait for her, approximately until September… Man, too soon, isn’t she? That I don’t have to wait till the end of the year but close to… T_T

      • Hahaha normally I can’t wait as well, I click on pre-order and hopes she comes flying through my window..then I look at my wallet and go ‘hmmm..I can wait after all’ XD


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