Review: Nendoroid Yune

Yune is from the anime/manga Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth(Ikoku Meiro no Kurowāze) and if you watched the series, you will know what an absolute dear she is. It’s really nice that GSC released her as a Nendoroid in her trademark Kimono and that makes her the first full-sized Nendoroid to have a Kimono. Yay Yune! =D

Yune comes with the standard action base and I really dislike this kind of’s way too obvious and ugly =(

I was really hyped over the kimono and on first sight, it does look really pretty. However on closer scrutiny, it didn’t really hold up to my standards. The pink looks plasticky and the floral patterns on it just feel like stickers stuck on the kimono. It isn’t that bad but GSC could have done better to meld the patterns more convincingly into the outfit methinks. =3

Yune has a short hairstyle and it’s rather refreshing from all the long-haired ones I seem to always have. However I still think long, gorgeous hair goes best with a kimono. =D Yune has a swivel joint on her arms and it gives more poseability to her actions overall. =3

It’s not that obvious in photos but the plastic sheen is noticeable up close. Other than that, the entire kimono is really sweet with that pastel pink and the floral patterns. Very nice =3

Yune comes with plenty of accessories. Her ‘maid’ costume, 2 other faces, a lower bent body, her treasured storybook and an umbrella!

Yune all ready to clean your windows! It’s relatively fuss free to switch on this mode and I personally think it’s ridiculous to want to do any cleaning in a hot and immobile can you get? Still it’s anime and really adorable so hey why not?

Yune with the storybook given by Claude. There are stickers provided but I didn’t stick them on yet.. =3

Yune also has the overwhelmed expression and it captures her shock perfectly! This is probably one of the most awesome Nendoroid faces and it’s an awesome add-on to Yune. =3

The sad face is tremendously cute as well and there are just so many effects you can go with Yune~

Then you have the bowing Yune. Lifted straight from the 1st episode where she bowed to Claude as her greeting, it’s so cool. You can display Yune somewhere near your home entrance so she will bow to all visitors! =3 I can’t really replicate the pose from the box exactly though…guess I need more time fiddling with her to make it work. =)

However the umbrella toting Yune is by far my favourite way to display Yune. There is a certain elegance and charm to the entire set-up and look at how graceful she looks. =D

Her body is also compatible with all the newer Nendoroids with the longer neck joint so you can swap for all of your Nendos to have a kimono experience. =3


Despite the hiccup of the kimono aesthetic, I really am pleased with how Yune turned out. She has a really unique look and all sorts of interesting accessories to go along with her. I can see people who don’t know anything about Yune picking her up due to her look alone but if you watched the anime or read the manga, you HAVE to get her! Being such an adorable, understanding and hardworking girl, Yune is bound to touch your heart! To sell this deal, Yune’s (湯音) name means the sound of warm water  so get her and take a bath with her! Naw..just kidding~ =3

Great outdoors + Nendoroid = breathtaking stuff. =3


18 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Yune

  1. A kimono wearing nendo, that’s something you don’t see everyday. And, Flan-chan in a kimono, wow.
    Her overwhelmed face is worth the money to get, really. XD

    • I got her initially due to the kimono and umbrella but the overwhelmed face is really getting to me now. =D

      Best thing is you can swap the body around so your favourite Nendoroid has the kimono on anytime! =3

  2. Swivel joint… She’s quite poseable Nendos isn’t she? But, not the leg…

    Phew… I see someone were having a romantic outdoor scene, maybe she’s waiting for someone? Well, whatever it is I better don’t interrupt her, but If I want her I shall get her my own one on the available stores.

    • I guess with a kimono you aren’t going to get much leg articulation..? The most you can swivel it around and move it up and down slightly..still she looks adorable =3

      Hahaha if her face wasn’t so adorable in those outdoor shots, the whole scene would actually feel so lonely..

  3. She absolutely adorable! especially with the shocked faceplate! =3 Damn that kimono and the japanese umbrella! Love em!! Especially that the kimono can be used with other Nendos. =3

  4. Ah Yune so cute!

    My biggest beef with nendo is that not all characters fit the super deformed look. Yune on the other hand is one that definitely fits this look. The details on the kimono look really nice.

    That last picture is really nice.

    • Yeah I get where you’re coming from with that..that’s why I skipped certain GSC releases from time to time.

      Thanks! I went all the way down into the small stream and balanced Yune there for that shot, going to try doing more water shots in the future. =3

  5. Once she put on the apron it was hard to take my eyes off of her. 🙂 loved the background. the red bridge and gate behind her really brings out the feel of her yukata.

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