News: Kuroyagi-san Letter Corner

Mikatan has another Kuroyagi-san Letter Corner and readers of 赤信号 know that it’s one of my favourite Mikatan bits because of all the PRETTY pictures! There are plenty of sakura pictures this time which reminds you that spring is here!! *At least in Japan* =3

How did the photographer make Menma balance on the branch so perfectly..? Awesome!

Miku Append with a self-made costume? Wow!

This photo is really unique..Kaito isn’t the main focus but still it brings across a really cheerful vibe..gonna try more shots like this in the future. =D

Another example of precarious yet genius balancing, this time by Milli-chan!

Notice something similar with all the above photos?

They are all using the kimono from Nendoroid Yune! I know I didn’t do much part-swapping with her in the review but this just gives you an idea on how versatile the kimono is. =D

Millihore really goes with the sakura so well..makes me sad there are no sakura where I stay..well just need to find other coloured flowers I suppose? =D

Everytime, beautiful pictures from everyone just motivates me to bring my Nendoroids out even more and snap even better pictures than what I am able to now! =D

Love this angle as well, something to consider the next time! XD


Pictures all linked from Mikatan!


4 thoughts on “News: Kuroyagi-san Letter Corner

      • Ooo my bad. haha. Yez, it’s still awesome. Wish I knew how he made the purple color blend in so smoothly. 🙂


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