News: 1/8 Erica Hartmann (Strike Witches)

Strike Witches is one of those shows that I don’t really know if I love it to bits, or just feel that it’s insanely dumb. If you don’t know Strike Witches, you should somewhat know of a series where anime girls straps on planes onto their legs and flying about..yeah that’s the one

Despite the ridiculous premise of having plane engines on your legs and the gratuitous fan-service abound, I found myself really enjoying the series and the various character development that occurred. The setting is around the 1940’s where Europe were invaded by strange aliens called the Neuroi and thus banded together to fight this threat instead of descending into World War 2 as we know it. As the only weapons alive effective against this Neuroi, the girls with their striker units (the planes) soar around to kick the alien’s ass. It’s far-fetched I know..but with the strikers modelled after real planes and the characters after real ace pilots..well it’s just uber cool!

My favourite girl from the series Erica Hartmann was based off the highest ever scoring Ace Pilot Erich Hartmann and finally Alter is giving her a figurine treatment! I’m just soo soo stoked over this that I had to make a post about it XD

As far as the pictures go it looks really amazing and I can’t wait for the official coloured pictures to come in. =D

Kotobukiya also had a hand with Hartmann but their effort felt rather underwhelming and her face just didn’t seem to measure up..thus I’m putting all my hopes on you Alter! Don’t disappoint me! =D


Information and pictures linked from MyFigureCollection and Nekomagic. =3


6 thoughts on “News: 1/8 Erica Hartmann (Strike Witches)

  1. Im not to fond of Strike Witches, although I liked ths second season. I just find it funny with the character design, flying around with panstu ^^

    The figures has been popular, heck they look wonderful! I would to see the whole collection, Thats one thing why i didnt get them, I dont have room :/

    • Hahaha same here, sometimes I wonder why I am even watching it but then hey, aerial dogfights with pantsu girls! What’s there to think about? =3

      I know right, the space is too much to allocate and not to mention the costs of all em Alter figurines.. =(
      So I’m gonna be selective. =D

  2. You *brings out pocky to replace cigarette* lolis are the best things in the world and if you bring out Erica-chan, hah! I can die a happy neuroi I tell you. . . . . . lol Erica-chan is also my favorite girl so I’m obviously waiting for this one

    • HAHA! I’m all ready on my front as well! Once the pre-order is up, I’m gonna plonk down the cash!

      Have a really strong hunch that her figurine is gonna be awesome to photograph as well. =3

  3. Can’t help but smile as i watched the ストライクウィッチーズ vid. can’t believe i missed this anime. Summer vacation will provide time to see it :))

    • Ahahah well I started because I was drawn to Alter’s figurine rendition of the girls…was thinking something that looks so good gotta have a decent anime run. And so the poison seeps ever deeper =3


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