Review: Nendoroid Millhihore F. Biscotti

It’s been so long since I got Milli-chan and finally I had some time to sit down and knock out a review. =D Millihore F. Biscotti is the princess of the Biscotti Republic and despite her royal status, manages to carve out some time for a singing career as well. From the anime Dog Days I bring you Milli-chan and Harlan!

Why is the box empty? Well because the packaging for both Milli and Harlan was so much and troublesome to pack in again that upon removing them, I decided to just leave them out. =3

The box size is also nothing to sneeze at. It’s way thicker than a normal Nendoroid box and almost as tall as a Figma one. Millihore probably has the distinction of having the largest accessory in Harlan (bigger than Nendo Racing Miku’s car?).

2 stands here. 1 for Milli-chan and 1 for Harlan.

Alright, I lost the ahoge (the strand of hair atop of Milli’s head). I brought her out for an outdoor shoot and while in the process of packing her in and exchanging for Yune, it probably dropped somewhere. I tried going back to look for the piece but I didn’t manage to find it…so my Milli-chan will forever have a hole in her head. =(

Still that doesn’t detract from the overall saccharine goodness that is Millilhore.

1. Millihore is really pink. As far as Nendoroids go, pink Nendoroids just seep out so much moe-ness.

2. She has buns on her head! With ribbons! Tell me which Nendoroid can beat that!

3. Milli-chan follows up with a fluffy pink dog tail!

3. And combines with pink dog ears!

4. And of course, the ahoge! (M.I.A)

5. And being a princes, she also has a mount in Harlan. Which is crazy awesome.

Cercles (Chocobo-looking bird) are generally used for transportation within the anime’s storyline and Harlan is Millihore’s personal mount. I got to admit, the very reason I pre-ordered her was cause of Harlan. Look at the Chocobo!

It’s really simple, just mainly white with shading done on the wing tips and body. The shading looks superb here and despite the plain colour scheme of the bird, it translated really well into a figure. I am also digging those pink eyelids. In case you’re wondering, yes Harlan is a female. =3

The legs can only move back and forth while the lower neck and wings are attached via Nendoroid joints. The top of the head is fixed in though, so don’t try plucking it out. The head is also heavy, so make sure your neck joint is fully plugged in to prevent the head from falling out.

Even with Harlan excluded, Millefi also has plenty of accessories. From 2 other face-plates to arm parts, a sitting lower body, microphone, her sword Excelide and her  Emblem.

Being a popular singer, Milli-chan belts out a few tunes for everyone! =3

But a pink princess also gotta wish for peace!

Peace and war sometimes clashes and when that happens, Milli-chan picks up her weapons (albeit reluctantly). I’m not such a big fan of her sword as I felt the paint was a bit crummy on mine and doesn’t go with the overall Nendoroid feel that much.

Her sad face gives of kind of a dopey, sleepy feel from certain angles. =3

You just swap out the lower body and her legs and you’re all ready for some riding action!

It takes some fiddling to get her up but once she’s there, it’s pretty solid. It’s important to note that only gravity is holding Milli-chan up on Harlan so any drastic shirts in balance will make her topple off the mount. However when all is said and done, I don’t think there are any existing Nendoroids that can top the visual power of Millihore and Harlan. =3


Millihore is a tremendous release. I pre-ordered her because of Harlan and now that I got her, I found myself liking the Nendoroid so much more than the bird. It’s a damn pity that I lost the ahoge during the photoshoot but it boils down to personal carelessness than to any fault of the Nendoroid. Even if you hate Harlan (why?) there are still some accessories such as the microphone and sword to play around with. However it’s the combination of both Milli-chan and Harlan that is the ultimate killer. I don’t normally recommend a release to be a must-buy but Millihore here is too awesome to just skip. If you love Nendoroids, please please get her. She is just way too awesome to skip out on. =D


25 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Millhihore F. Biscotti

  1. Ah yes… my up coming post will feature her (leading a large band) in a somewhat of a war.
    Very sorry to hear about her ahoge piece…

    And yes, she face is pure saccharine sweetness.

    • Oh I can hear those drum beats heralding the start of your conflict * don don don*

      And yeah losing the ahoge sucks but I only got myself to blame. Gotta be careful the next time and double check stuff before leaving the place =3

  2. I’m sorry about the ahoge, It’s heartbreaking to lose some parts of nendoroid, especially that it’s so tiny you can hardly see them outdoor 😦
    I didn’t order Milli-chan because she’s all pink, I don’t know but the chocobo-like bird looks so awesome!
    Love the first picture! ^_^

  3. For some reason, in Nendos she looked having a white pale skin, while in her Figma counterpart her skin feels a bit tanned. Her box is big because of that bird thing’s accessories, right? I must say that’s some awesome parts, it’s like you bought 2 figures in 1 box.

    • Yeah and judging from how GSC is churning out even more of these kinda Nendoroids, Milli-chan must have been a tremendous success. I know what you’re saying about the tanned skin, I have figures myself who differ in look from the Nendo to the Figma. Creativity license? =3

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  8. Oh~ she is so cuuute *–* and I loove her bird (never watched Dog Days though). But anyways, my Mayuri nendoroid lost her little hair piece too (actually her head fell from my hand and it broke 😦 but i glued it back. Still doesn’t look 100% but is better than nothing!

    • At least you saved it! Rather than it being screwed up for life! =3
      Anyways Millifi is really a blockbuster Nendoroid release..I didn’t watch Dog Days as well but I HAD to get her =3


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