Review: Figma Miki Sayaka

It might seem only a slight while ago that I reviewed Mami and then suddenly Sayaka is also arrived! Well having so many Mahou Shoujos can only be fun so let’s start with Sayaka’s review! =D

Similar to Mami, Sayaka probably believes that more is better. Thus she is packed with 8 swords and an extra cape. =3

Sayaka looks pretty sweet with the blue/white colour scheme and there are varying shades of that colour throughout her costume. Her skirt is a solid rubber piece and absolutely screws up her pose-ability. You cannot raise her legs up at all and it’s just disappointing..What is fun though is that Sayaka-chan has a cloth cape! Other than Figma Siren and Index..I can’t really recall any other having cloth in their costume. =)

Being bummed out by Mami’s sad paintjob, I lowered my expectations for any future Figma releases and Sayaka didn’t disappoint! Her gold trims didn’t spillover while her stockings despite having slight bleeding isn’t all too bad. The blue paints overall gave her a fresh and peaceful!

There is a bendy metal wire running on the sides of her cloak and you can create all sorts of cool effects with it. =3

8 swords, a Figma stand, another cloak (plastic), hand rack, 8 swords and 2 other face-plates with the paper base. I have a major complaint with the clear sword holders here. Unlike Mami’s rifle holders which plug in snugly, Sayaka’s swords just rests in the holders. With slight movement, they will fall out and if possible, be even more irritating than Mami’s rifles. =O

Me: Why is posing your swords such a pain..?

Sayaka: Ehh..haaha I don’t know? But what I do know is that I look awesome doing this!

Me: Oh hell yeah, that does look crazy awesome!

There is also another cloak included and unlike the cloth one, this one is full plastic. I personally prefer this one more and the flow looks more realistic. However being a full piece, it’s heavy and without a stand pegged in, Sayaka can’t stand on her own. The plastic cloak is also rides higher up her shoulders so you have more clearance for her arms to pose. However that comes at the price of neck articulation..=3

The little round cuffs on her wrists are also prone to falling off whenever you switch hands so be careful. I’m also not such a big fan of her smiling face so I swapped it out for some angry moments~

Clash of the Blues


I really disliked Sayaka Miki in the anime..she started by making a dumb wish, then suffering so much because of that. In between her despair and self-owning, I was really hoping someone would stab her. Needless to say I wasn’t really anticipating her releases and got her only because of her multitude of blades and the compulsion to complete the magica quartet. However the Figma was way more fun than I expected and despite the horrid issue of Sayaka not being able to raise her legs forward, the poses she can strike are really cool and with 2 different cloaks provided, plenty of awesome action scenes can be re-created. I don’t regret getting her at all and if anything, the Figma makes me want the Nendoroid even more. =D

I am such a loser…XD


19 thoughts on “Review: Figma Miki Sayaka

  1. Sweet review, as usual.

    I got both my Mami and Sayaka figma at the same time, and have taken some time off to mess around with them not long ago. Didn’t get that “S” face-plate for Mami though XP

    Opposite to your experience, Sayaka’s swords stay in place nice and firm in their stands, but the same can’t be said for my Mami’s rifles. The swords were easier to pose as they would stay attached to the holder even when accidentally toppled by me.

    I noticed you didn’t take a picture of Sayaka holding her swords using her pistol grip hand. In my opinion, having her finger locked onto the trigger seems much cooler. ><

    Anyway, just a random low-res photo from me – fooling around with Sayaka's accessories~

  2. If Sayaka grew up a little more, I think she would’ve made a smarter wish for herself and her love interest. Sadly Kyubi just had to start tempting her at a young age. I hafta admit it’s her fault but it looked like the alien cat was taking candy from a baby T^T. I liked her fighting scenes though 😀

    Man that cape really does make her look like shes in motion. Gives off such a knightly effect. I’d like to see her pull the same Omni slash Cloud would’ve done haha.

    • Hahaha yeah the cape is real regal for Sayaka. I just can’t stand emokids in anime..makes me frustrated too much XD

      True about Sayaka’s fighting scene, I’m waiting for Kyouko then I can try to recreate some scenes. =3

      • Yesss the fighting scenes in which Sayaka learned the difference (in power) between a veteran and a Rookie. That flexible chain spear was epic. I was so much hoping Kyouko could’ve saved her in the end… but then the show’s reality dictated she lost to being a witch. T^T

  3. I felt way too sorry for her in the end, she was way too hard on her self T^T Loved the swords, and somehow I was anticipating that there would be problems with them but everything is fine. Can’t wait for Kyoko btw XD

    • well other than the looseness and the patchy paintjob everything was pretty sweet. And I believe Kyouko is already released in Japan..? Should be getting her soon mehopes. XD

  4. Nice, I have yet to receive mine.

    Good to see that you did not have any mayor issues with Sayaka, I ‘m happy to see the cape stuff worked out pretty well. I can’t wait hopefully by the end of the week I will have her and Kyouko.

    • Nice! It’s cool to receive both together as they seems to be a re-create the fight scenes and stuff. =3

      Yeah Sayaka was pretty nice overall, guess I shouldn’t write off MF too much yet. XD

  5. She looks great! Im suprised at the quality!
    And as I was looking down the page I was asking myself hey we need a group shot – and you did it! nice 🙂

    So you want to collect the set of nendos and PVC too?

    • Nendos yes, PVC only Mami and Homura. Ahahah financial and space constraints. Once I get Kyouko, I hope to do an outdoor shoot with all 5 of them. XD

  6. This is a must have! With all those sword and the cloth?! damn! haha! =3 Be careful with the white parts though, it can easily catch dirt noh? XD I would definitely get this if I were to start collect Figmas =3

  7. Hmm… The cape looked friggin awesome! This looked better than Figma Kamen Rider Femme’s(Siren) cape. That skirt thing does remind me of my problem dealing the pose of my Figma Nene.

    • Yeah the skirt is really bad but I guess the sheer amount of weapons and capes covers that deficiency. Hahaha. I guess Sayaka having 2 capes, a plastic and cloth one is way better than just having a cloth one in Siren’s case. =3

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