News: Nendoroid Princess of the Crystal previewed!

I have waited ever so patiently since GSC announced the Nendoroid Princess of the Crystal and lo and behold, the preview is finally up! Initiate the survival strategy!

Princess of the Crystal (POTC) has a regal/ridiculous outfit going on and in Nendoroid form, it looks really adorable. I can’t really remember if the upper black part of the costume was shiny and the bottom a dull black but hey since it’s a prototype, it might not be confirmed. =3 I’m also digging how the hat turned out and the pearls at the end of her hair looks tremendous. And I haven’t started on the penguins…XD

From what I’ve seen, the extra parts are mainly to help POTC carry out the transformation/strip-down scenes and it makes sense as the only time she appears is when Himari has the hat on. =3

The Nendoroid standing on the Penguins is seriously just worth taking my money already. And the best thing is ALL other Nendoroids of yours can also have a Penguin stepping experience! XD

And even without the over-sized awesome penguin hat, POTC still looks plenty cute. I especially adore the little curl of hair right at the

I don’t really dig the extra transformation accessories previewed here but what I do like are the Penguins, the Nendoroid itself and the angry face-plate. All in all, I definitely putting my money down for her. =3

Oh and on a side note, congratulations to GSC from being a private company to a public one! Hope to have more awesome stuff coming from you all from the 11th year onwards! おめでとうございます!


And GSC’s meeting table display shelf! I want to have a meeting table like that too! =3

Pictures and information as usual linked from Mikatan! =3

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