Review: 1/8 Kotobuki Tsumugi (Alter)

Another Alter product review! I sincerely love the stuff they churn out and when it’s a character that I love, I just got to get her. Tonight is Mugi-chan’s turn to shine and she is the 2nd K-On figurine that I got after Yui. Kotobuki Tsumugi, step on up! =3

Mugi comes in a really massive box and I was wondering why but it turns out her hair takes out plenty of space. =D

A clear stand emblazoned with her keyboard and name.

I honestly believed Mugi would take up a similar amount if not slightly more amount of space than Yui. Therefore I was just blown away by just how much larger Mugi’s base was compared to Yui…

Despite Mugi just standing, there is a dynamic feel to her movement. Like she is swaying while playing the keyboard and her skirt and hair really complements the movement. =)

You also get a tantalizing glimpse of Mugi’s legs from the side. Nothing too indecent though..Tsumugi is a very nice girl. XD

Of course a figurine lives or dies by their face and Mugi…? hmm

I know Mugi is chubby but the Alter version seems to make her rounder than expected. So I went back to some K-On posters and scrutinised and to my surprise, Mugi is that chubby! So kudos to Alter in nailing my tea-time loving Ojou-sama. =D Other than the hamster cheeks, Mugi has a bright chirpy look to her eyes and overall just a really pleasing vibe to her.

The K-On girls have a really simple uniform and it’s impossible to screw that up, just how good you can make it look. Mugi has a nice and tight blazer accentuating her curves XD while the cloth’s creases and folds are really realistic. And her legs are just so plump and inviting…

Of course little details like her fingernails being present is a bonus as well.

So far everything has been consistent with my expectations then I turned her around and..

Such a delicate and dynamic hair sculpt! I don’t remember Mugi being known for her lustrous locks so it’s something else when I see Alter render it into her figurine. The tips of her hair are slightly brown and adds more definition to the release overall.

Other than thick noodle hair, Mugi also has nice thin strands mixing it up.

I thought Mugi’s hair was pretty nifty already and then boom I got hit by yet another wave of awesomeness.

The innocuous keyboard. The damn thing is supposed to be an accessory but the detail on it is astounding.

Every knob has a marking and every button has a label. If the name on the box wasn’t Kotobuki Tsumugi, I would definitely think that this release was all about the keyboard XD. “1/8 Korg Triton Extreme 76 Key (Alter).”

How detailed can it get..well check out the display’s actually playing Cagayake Girls..AHAHAHA I don’t even know what to say.

Not just the top, but the sides as well!

It’s like getting 2 figurines for 1! XD

Just place the keyboard on the base and you’re good to go! Something to note, the keyboard uses only gravity for balance and no pegs or holes are available to secure it. Nothing too major, just be careful while shifting it about.

With the keyboard on the base, it makes sense now why it’s that large.

With the keyboard now, Mugi looks so much happier to have something to tinkle on. D


It’s obvious by how much I gushed over the details of this figurine that I really enjoyed that aspect of it. So other than that what else can Mugi offer you? First of all, the pose despite being simple, has a flowing sense of motion to it and together with the keyboard, gives you the impression that Mugi is having a heck of a time playing it. The paintwork is flawless as well and together with the sculpt, made it a really good release. Should you get it? I’m tempted to say BUY IT but realistically speaking, Alter stuff doesn’t come that cheap and despite it’s wealth of details and quality you probably wouldn’t be too interested if you weren’t a K-On fan. However if Mugi has touched your heart at some point (how can she not?), this is THE figurine to get of her. =D

Thanks for reading!


17 thoughts on “Review: 1/8 Kotobuki Tsumugi (Alter)

  1. Hmm…Everything’s looks good, I loved the details much on her, however… My only problem is, her face don’t looked too appealing on how she did that pose imo… I mean she should have more expressionable face when doing that: happy excited filled with joy, something like that, maybe? Man, that keyboard accessory was a total badass sculpt, I can’t believe it myself looking at it… It’s like a real playable keyboard, this surely cost a lot of fortune, right?

    • Ahaha I guess she could be happier but Mugi is normally quite serene except for some situations. And happily enough, I got her at a steal, around 3800 Yen from the local forums. XD

      • It’s neither! It’s MISB. Sometimes in the forums when you see a tremendous deal, you just got to grab it. I’ve also seen other MISB ones going for around 4000Yen.

    • Well it really depends on the manufacturer and the overall price of the figurine. Normally the higher priced it is, the details are gonna be better. XD You get what you pay for?

  2. Does the keyboards make sounds O.o? jk 😛
    I might not own her, but I’ve seen her and damn, she looks good 😀
    You’ve made me jelly yet again sire, jelly again. . . . .

  3. OMG Mugi! Hands down to the details and sculpt! K-On scale figs are ones that I regret not buying, I have completed the nendoroid and figma sets though :3

    • SAME HERE! I only skipped out on the WonFes Nendoroids due to their prices. =) However Alter stuff is amazingly hard to pass out on so I just got to get it! =3

  4. Mugi is chubby? yea, and she makes it look so good. :)) lol…monstrous detail on the piano. I salute you Alter! esp for that bear logo on the box seal :))

  5. Mugi sure looks nice. When this set of figures came out I planned to get only my favorite, Yui, and none of the others. In the end I did only buy Yui but boy did Mugi really make struggle to keep it that way.

    • Ohh absolutely! I went through the exact phase you did and snagged only Yui but I couldn’t take it anymore and when Mugi was cheap, I just grabbed her. XD


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