Thoughts: Outdoor Photography Part 1

Outdoor photography with my figurines is one of my favourite things to do and placing them in appropriate/beautiful backgrounds is just fantastic. Therefore, I’m gonna do a short post on how I do my photography and sorry if it’s too elementary…I’m still starting out! =3

The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Photography:

1. A variety of different backgrounds

2. You get to explore things you never would in an indoor shoot.

3. You see places through the eyes of your figurine, not your own.

4. Overall appreciation of the toy increases tenfold!

5. Chilling with like-minded friends.


1. You lose parts

2. It’s embarrassing to be seen in public

3. Weather might be unpredictable.

4. Wear and tear of the figurine.

It’s obviously not a bed of roses for outdoor if you are thinking of doing it, weigh your opinions and decide on what works for you the most. =D

It’s obvious but I got to re-iterate it. Don’t bring the original box and accessories out for a shoot! Pack them in little containers and ziploc bags and only bring what you intend to shoot for the day. And whenever you move on from a area, check and double check all items..You don’t want to be losing any important parts (that happened to me way too many times) and if you’re doing it with somebody, just remind each other of that.

Figures are also smaller than you. A place might look like an awesome place to shoot until you place the figure down. Since they are so small, insignificant things like tree roots or lights might be more interesting than expected. Interaction with the surroundings are also something to keep in mind. Leaves, rocks or debris can all be used to ramp up the realism of the picture and make the figure come alive. =D

Affected by people staring? Well don’t be! It’s your right to enjoy your figure as much as possible and if you go through the route of photographing it, there’s nothing to be ashamed about! If doing it individually proves to be too daunting, go with a group of friends! They can help you pose your stuff, grab it in case it drops and generally makes it so much more fun. =D

The beauty of outdoor photography is of course the different backgrounds! You can go into the city for some skyscrapers and roads or into the park for the trees and rivers. The possibilities are unlimited and it only hinges on how far do you want to go. I placed my Nendoroids in running water before and as long as it isn’t too extreme, it’s worth trying out.

So with this I have come to the end of part 1. Part 2 will be more on the tools that are helpful and if this has helped you in some way, let me know! Also if there are any tips to share with me, please do! I would love to learn. XD

And if you’re wondering, no I’m not in any of the pictures above..why? Because I was the photographer for all of them. =3


23 thoughts on “Thoughts: Outdoor Photography Part 1

  1. Ah, outdoor photography. Really brings out the niceness about the figure as the lighting and the variety of environment gives us options.

    I like to put a white piece of A4 paper at the bottom or near the figure as it helps in bouncing the light.

  2. thanks for the list of pros and cons. tis the reality to prepare for, for all future figurine photographers. esp the fact that people will stare. one time shooting outside, my grandparents and family members were near by and kept glancing at me haha. but you’re right, it’s so worth the price of beautiful pictures. kamen ride with the city background iz great 😀

    • Ahaha it’s just a really basic list on what to look out for and stuff. Yeah those self-satisfying moments of getting a picture you can be really proud of are irreplaceable. Doesn’t really matter if others don’t really like it, as long as you love it yourself it’s fine. =3

    • Well i suppose i can plan for us to go out once in a while, just don’t hold your breath on it.

      Nice article by the way, and i still hate you for the camera thingie LOL XD

      • LOL LOL. It’s been such a long time and I thought you got over it already…ah well..=3
        I take it that your hate is love. XD

  3. Now if only children aren’t playing outside in my neighborhood XD I have been etching to try this, put opportunities always pass by so fast that I can’t catch up, I don’t mind people staring at me (I have gone done to deepest levels of otakuism and back many times XD) I just can’t find the right moment. . . . . nice pictures btw, and thanks for the tips

    • You are welcome! I’m only starting out and trying to let people know how fun it is to shoot outdoors. Ahaha well the perils of little children grabbing our waifus..I love children, but not when they are snatching at my Nendoroids. XD

  4. Man, in my case both outdoor & indoor still cause me a lot of trouble… But, I agree 100% of what you’ve list on Pro & Cons, my biggest problem is:

    Lose parts: since I always lost many parts in my house but thankfully, I’m also always found them back.

    Embarassing to be seen in the public: Yeah… People will think I’m a weird maniac toy lover or an adult looking brat, yet people oftenly misunderstand to differ between figure & toy supposed to be. Some figure like Tokusatsu one does convinced them to say “What a kid’s stuff…”, & for something like anime’s figure, they will thought this is somewhat like a little girl’s stuff like a barbie or dolls, & say “What a weirdo guy…”

    The big trouble is a kids who saw the figures, their eyes usually gets green whenever they saw the figure since they thought it’s a toy. While we must notice figure isn’t toy & it’s dangerous for them to deal the small parts. What made me pissed when we forbid it is, they usually whining on their parents or us for wanting the figure… Well, If we ever Iend them, they’ll only make my figure gets more damaged for sure…

    • That’s so true mate! There is this tremendous misconception of people about our collection. What we have are more than toys, there are collectibles! Would you man-handle a fragile watch, or a rare coin?

      I love my collection way too much to leave it in the hands of errant children alone but if I’m around I don’t mind educating them on how to handle it and enjoy the toy. Still it’s better to err on the side of caution and don’t let any crazy people near your stuff. =3

      • Well, guess it depends from the kids themself… What I hate is some kids that still a toddler. For up to 7 I think I can still tolerate to show them but as long I’m watching them(since it’s dangerous to handle the parts).

        Misconception… I remembered when I bought my Figma Nene, I’m in total embarrassing whenever I bought her… But it’s just me for being too noob I guess…

      • Well there’s always the first step! Once you get over the hurdle,everything is fine! Now bringing cute figurines out for nice photoshoots is one of my most enjoyabe pastimes. However if your figurine is too ecchi it might draw too many stares =3

  5. Nice stuff!! I’m planning to do this too! But yeah, have to be careful of the parts yes? XD
    Embarassment? Hmm.. I think it would be less of an embarrassment or maybe none at all if you have friends doing the same thing with you, as people might think that you guys might be professional photographers of figures for promotional stuff or something.. haha! XD

  6. Outdoor photography is really nice I love it, I wish I did more of it. Some of my better shoots like Tenshi and Henrietta where done outside.

    If there is one thing that I’m afraid of when doing outdoor stuff is getting mugged and having my fancy camera stolen or something. I feel no embarrassment anymore, I just go do my own stuff. If anything I say is not to do it alone in case anything happens.

    • Getting mugged! That’s a terrible thing to contemplate…I guess I take it for granted that my area is rather safe..having my stuff robbed never even crossed my mind..thanks for the heads up mate. Safety in numbers =D

  7. My nendoroid mio and black gold saw got a scar on their heads because of outdoor photography but it didn’t stop me. There are times, I bring a small blanket or towel and lay it around where they could possibly fall.
    I love kids, but the other day while shooting Nendoroid Yune. A neighbor’s kid was watching me, I didn’t mind at all but all of a sudden he ran and (accidentally) kicked Yune! For chrissake, I almost cried!! Poor Yune, good thing she didn’t get any scars and broken parts Y__Y

    • Holy crap, that is a crazy kid! I would run and kick him if he ever came near my Nendoroids. Kick him HARD. =3

      Oohh the towel tip is really nice! Just a few days ago my Ritsu Nendoroid fell from the shelf and had a little scar on her fringe. =(

  8. I’ve admittedly often stolen your outdoor photos to use as wallpapers for my computer, most recently the header image from you Nendoroid Millhihore F. Biscotti review – it’s a superb image.

    Not to be picky, but I think you meant ‘tenfold’ not ‘manifold’ in your post – just in the context of that sentence anyway. Oh yes, and thanks for adding me to your Blogroll! How rude of me for not saying that earlier. This is a certainly a friendly place.

    • Well for me it’s more than 10 times! But I get where you’re coming from and I’ve edited it. XD

      Glad you enjoyed those photos, the Millihore one was also my desktop wallpaper for a long time. =3


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