Review: Nendoroid Francseca Lucchini

After finishing 2 seasons of Strike Witches and with no Hartmann products in sight, I borrowed my cousin’s Lucchini to soar the skies with! Enter the 12 year old, cleavage snuggling witch from Romagna (Italy)!

Lucchini comes with an unique base bearing the emblem of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. Nice!

3 different pegs are also provided for Lucchini. Being used to 1 and the most 2 attachments, I feel slightly overwhelmed by the options. =3

The stand that holds Lucchini up is loose! She just sits on it and balances through gravity. You can try pushing her down on it which will make her more stable but hey it shouldn’t be the case! Posing her becomes a pain because the looseness means Lucchini keeps on swinging about while you’re finding the perfect balance. =(

I won’t beat around the bush here..aesthetically my dear Italian is PLAIN. If the Nendoroid just came like that without any accessories..the sales would probably stink..BUT luckily enough, Lucchin does come with other stuff! However Lucchini’s skin tone is spot-on, as being Italian, she has a browner skin tone than usual Nendoroids. =3

Despite the oversized white coat taking up most of Lucchini’s frame, GSC didn’t forget her trademark shimapan! And also sculpted another piece of clothing below the white coat! Yes she is plain..but it’s still not that bad. =3

Lu-chan goes running off to bring us her accessories! =D

Ta Da! With that. Lucchini just became much more interesting! Her striker unit (leg planes), a rifle, fringe part, 2 tails, 2 faces and arms with hands. =3

A mischievous expression fits Lucchini so well! If you know her character, you should know that she either sleeps, or boob grabs. =3

Just swap out her normal legs for the Striker Unit and she’s all ready to fly! The animal ears and tail gets put in and Strike Witch Lucchini is born! There are 2 attachments available here, one for Lucchini flying straight (above picture) and another for Lucchini facing forward (below)

Now I have issues with both attachments. The straight flying one is really too vertical. It places Lucchini facing the ground at almost 90 degrees and that makes photo-taking troublesome..not to mention looking strange in display.

The 2nd one which allows Lucchini to face you is not horizontal enough! It sorts of slants backwards and since the base isn’t adjustable, there is no way for you to have a charging Lucchini, unless you tilt the base and support it with your hands. Boo to both attachments!

However once you manage to work around those issues, Lucchini really looks awesome. =D

Her familiar is the Black Panther so it means those ears and tail belongs to a Panther. Man that’s kinda cool. =3

Ok another issue here. (Sorry I promise this will be the last problem I’m highlighting) I really wanted GSC to give an alternate set of propellors for the Striker Units. A stationary set of rotors and also an operational set of rotors resembling a disc. It makes no sense that you can see the rotors while she is soaring through the sky no? =3

* rata ta ta*


There are several issues with her base attachments which kind of made posing difficult in certain instances and those rotors! XD Other than that I think Lucchini is really really fun and when you bring her out for some aerial hijinks, she just looks spectacular. However Lucchini is missing out on a sleepy face and considering how much she sleeps, GSC should really have included that. Lucchini is far from being my favourite Strike Witch, sitting at the bottom together with Perrine..but the Nendoroid is surprisingly interesting and if you like her character, you should really get it! Or if you’re just a sucker for Nendoroids exposing their pantsu while shooting you down..yeah that works as well. =3 Thanks to my cousin for lending me his stuff and stay tuned for the Saber Nendoroid review, courtesy of his as well. =D

Where is Shirley??? I need some oppai!


18 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Francseca Lucchini

    • Yeah she’s really plain but with the planes and weapon on, she actually looks pretty cool. =3

      When you have planes strapped to your legs, you know you gotta fly!

  1. nekomimi and shimapan ,thus, the lolicon cries . . . . . . you’ve made me jelly yet again sir T^T I agree, GSC should’ve included the sleeping face. Wondering why GSC won’t make an Eri-tan nendoroid seeing that she has 2 scale figs already @_@

    • I don’t know mate..the Figma and Nendoroid line seems to be having fun taking turns releasing individual witches..Nendo says I have these few, now Figma you do the rest…ahhh whatever..I’m just eagerly anticipating Alter’s Hartmann. =3

  2. “ratatata” hahah. her expressions are contagious…. and they go so well with the cat ears. lol she’s only twelve years old firing a gun.

    thanks to your cousin! 🙂

    • Hahaha in the world of anime, you can be firing at gun when you’re 5 and it would still seem alright! =D

      Yeah the upcoming Saber Nendoroid is gonna be his too. =3

      • oh man you hit my weakness… saber :)) gonna be looking forward to your review! if it’s for saber i can wait a year or two haha. didn’t know she had an upcoming nendoroid. time to use google lol.

      • Hahaha I will be reviewing the super moveable version of her but I’m pretty sure I saw the Saber Nendoroid on the motorbike sometime back. =3

  3. Is she another Tsundere character? Yeah, I have to say that she’s wild, I laugh on her ass/cat mouth shape smile thing one.. Cute yet funny… Anyway, Thanks for liking my latest Indonesian review.

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