News: Alter Menma Previewed

I got a sneak peek when Alter previewed their Menma and I was thinking, dang it Kotobukiya came out with a really pretty should I wait for Alter’s version..? Being the Alter fanboy that I am, waited I did and now colour shots are finally out!

I knew Menma had the base of their HQ but seeing it again in colour this time just took my breath away…

I’m on the fence about Menma’s expression here…would have preferred a happier expression but seeing as how that is covered by Kotobukiya, I guess Alter went the other way.

it’s true Menma has a simple costume but that doesn’t mean it can’t be frilly! I love how dynamic it looks and despite the fact that their hideout shouldn’t be so windy..I am digging the look.

Even without Menma, the base itself is a tremendous piece of art. =3


As things are now, Alter has me hook line and sinker..I resolutely believed that Anohana was the anime of 2011 and vowed to get any good products related to the series so with this blockbuster hit, it’s a definite buy (unless it costs an obscene amount of money..).

What do you guys think? Yay or nay? And if you haven’t watched Ano Hana..really?

あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。 (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai ) I’m still astounded by how long the name is. =3


Links from Alter’s blog and Nekomagic.



9 thoughts on “News: Alter Menma Previewed

  1. From a far view image I thought she was kinda having a little upset expression, but she’s actually smiling… & honestly, Menma looked cute, I wish they’ll made her poseable figure someday however, in here she feels too slim for me… Maybe that’s how she supposed to be? The base looked great, but what’s with the tires doing there? Is she at someplace like a garage/workshop?

  2. compared to the previous figures of menma, I’d definite pick this one over them… except for the nendoroid version haha. wish i could zooom into the picture and take a good look at that umbrella. if it has even more detail then… Alter is just too good. 🙂

    • Hahaha knowing Alter, it will probably be crazy detailed. What I wanna know as well is how well do those accessories go with other figurines! I could really see some of my other figurines using an umbrella there. =3

  3. Since the moment I finished watching Anohana a few weeks after it finished airing in Japan, I made a vow too. I told myself if ever Menma’s figurine comes out, I’ll grab it like how Anohana series grabbed my heart XD Waited for some time before the figurines and merchandise were produced and up till now, I’ve just grabbed the wave and nenderoid version. I didn’t plan to get the Kotobukiya one as I think that Alter and Max Factory produce better quality figurines (not saying I’m right ^^) Max Factory’s looks cute but the flower on her belly looks a little weird I’d say. This Alter’s version is definitely one of the nicest 🙂 Yes I agree that the base itself is a tremendous piece of art. If it’s not too expensive, I’ll get it^^ It’s simply beautiful 🙂 And one last thing, MAX FACTORY, Y U NO MAKE FIGMA ANOHANA SERIES??? o(╥﹏╥)o

    • I KNOW RIGHT! I got the Nendoroid version but kept the scaled figure slot just for Alter despite competing stuff from the other companies. I personally think Max Factory’s Menma just looks anorexic but that’s just me. The Kotobukiya was pretty meh for me until I saw this review which really changed my mind. If Alter weren’t so awesome, my money would go to Koto. =3

      And I don’t know about Figmas..I prefer me NENDOROIDS! =3 Honestly just
      ignore me, I’m just Nendo-crazy. XD

      • Yup agree with you pal, Alter’s scale figurines are awesome! Lol didn’t know that you would think Max Factory’s Menma look anorexic^^ I just think that flower on her belly looks weird like she got tattooed or something. I remember seeing Kotobukiya’s version of Oreimo figurines up-close and they didn’t look appealing. Maybe it’s the quality or it’s just me that’s why I came to a conclusion Alter is still better than Kotobukiya when it comes to quality though I may not be right. And yes Kotobukiya’s Menma looks good but I’m skeptical of it’s quality and decided to skip it. Didn’t expect Alter to make Menma and it’s simply awesome. I really hope they make figma series of it too but it’s unlikely I guess.

  4. This version is the nicest figures I’ve seen so far (well, aside nendoroid hah!) Not sure If I’m going to get her though, because I’m eyeing for other releases as well. Err.. I wish to have all the money to buy figures. O_O
    I fell inlove with the anime I swear I think i cried a couple of times when I watched it, and it’s an anime that i can still re-watch in the future.

    • Yeah man, I’m normally a sucker for shounen stuff but Anohana is just so tremendous I don’t know what to say!

      I don’t always get figures as well..they are kinda costly and I only reserve some cash for the ones which I really want..Nendoroids are my main killer. =D


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