News: Results of GSC voting results!

Remember the previous post about GSC’s 10th Anniversary? Where you could vote for the stuff you wanted and hopefully GSC would re-issue it! I already listed down what I voted for and if you did participate, here are the results!

Miyafuji tops the list here and yeah my vote for Nagi-chan made it through as well! It’s nice to see Zetsubou Sensei in the running and if he were to be re-released, I’m gonna get him!

I want Lelouch and Lum! And the one with the missing picture is Fate Extra. =3

Saber dominates once again. =3 The results are kind of interesting here..from really new stuff like Shinobu to reaallly old stuff like Morrigan..what would GSC do? =3

Well that’s all for the results here, anything tickle your fancy? =3

*These are just the RESULTS of the poll. Who got the most votes.etc. GSC has not made any mention so far of what is getting re-issued and what is not, so keep your fingers crossed till then.*

For more info, head over to GSC’s site for the complete rankings with links. =3


24 thoughts on “News: Results of GSC voting results!

  1. Gah, so many figures tickling my fancy! Especially the Zange-chan, Saber Lion and Zetsubou-sensei nendoroids..I really hope GSC re-release them :3

    • Yeaaah same here! It’s going to be disastrous for my wallet but hey whatever right! As of what I know right know, Flandre Scarlet and Izayoi Sakuya has gotten the re-releases nod. =3

  2. Was hoping for them to re-release Suzumiya Haruhi figmas or the K-ON one. Oh well… And oh yeah, during the voting, I heard that you can also submit an entry and get to decide for them what figurines to make next, is that true?

      • Yeah, just another pity wish list that won’t come true… T_T But to the sites, there’s another fulfillment for me. They’ll also planning to reissue Aya Kagura Morning Coffee version. I need her legs for a bare leg on my Nene or future Lum.

  3. hell yea… all this time saving has paid off. time to pre-order that saber lily nendoroid. that’s so bloody rare (or in my country at least). this was a lovely piece of information. thanks!

  4. *cries* what the hell happened to my Tenshi-chan?! *cries* Well putting aside that complaint, a lot of holy grail figures I want are here, World is Mine Miku, Yami-chan and Shiki-san for scale, Reimu, Lelouch, biribiri and sister for figmas while Yoshika-tan and Saber Lily for nendos. . . . . my wallets will not be able to last long if this keeps up

  5. Nagi Nagi Nagi Nagi Nagi Nagi
    Fuwafuwa Miku Fuwafuwa Miku Fuwafuwa Miku
    Reimu Reimu Reimu Reimu Reimu Reimu
    Saber Lily Saber Lily Saber Lily Saber Lily

    Come on GSC, you know you want my money.

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