Review: Nendoroid Saber : Super Moveable Edition

I reviewed a previous Super-moveable Nendoroid in HMO Miku and therefore expected loose parts and all of the bits of being super-moveable to be present in this Nendoroid. So without further ado, I present to you the King of Knights, Saber herself! =3

It’s rather obvious that Saber is super-moveable, right from the words being emblazoned across the clear plastic window. =3 It’s also a neat touch that her names has a golden font to them. =3

First and most importantly of all, Saber can STAND on her own 2 feet! No stand, no hair piece acting as a crutch, just pure balancing on her legs. I’m really impressed by Nendoroid I know are able to stand like this. =3

Saber looks fantastic..seriously! Her silver armour has a really nice shine to it, her sculpt feels so streamlined and overall, she just looks so adorable. XD Her side fringes are made of rubber so pose-ability isn’t compromised but it honestly looks so compatible with the rest of the hair you wouldn’t even know it’s of a different material.

The panel lines are neatly drawn in, the paint application is so crisp..aesthetically, Saber aced it all. =D

Why is Saber super-moveable? Well check out those joints! This makes it really fun to pose Saber with and since her skirt is connected via ball joints, you don’t really have anything blocking your way.


Since Saber is so poseable, the normal assortments of hands and legs that comes with a Nendoroid are superfluous and we only got some hands, 2 Excaliburs, Caliburn and 2 face-plates.

Both swords and their scabbards are really detailed and beautiful, especially Caliburn! If you were wondering why is Excalibur’s (top) handle rather shot, well it’s because my cousin broke it by accident and when I glued it back, it became like this. =3

The King of Knights with her swords!

Saber comes with a scabbard holding hand similar to Saber Lily so I wasn’t too fascinated with it this time.

Ah Saber’s angry face! I really like how her teeth was sculpted for this face-plate and this is the best out of the 3 provided in my opinion. =3

Saber seriously looks good however you pose her. And despite the nuisance of her arms popping off frequently, the cool factor is more than enough to overwrite that irritation.

Of course with 2 swords you can make her wield both at the same time. =3

Seeing as how Excalibur was also shrouded in invisibility in the series, GSC re-created that for the Nendoroid and that just looks cooler than plain old Excalibur. =3

The invisible Excalibur also has the feel of a finisher and when combined with the screaming face-plate provided, it has a totally whacky feel to it. =3



The Saber Figma was just tremendous so how does the Nendoroid fare? I got to say, this rendition of Saber just blew me away. Having played with a super-moveable Nendoroid before, I expected lots of loose parts and frustration setting up the poses but Saber negated all of that. Since her design is simpler and sleeker (not as cluttered as HMO Miku), there were fewer challenges in doing the poses and when you add in the swords, it’s just absolutely killer. Sure she is still loose, especially with her arms popping off but it’s nothing a bit of patience can’t handle. Saber’s paintjob is solid and despite her lack of accessories, what you have is more than enough and really what more do you need? I highly recommend this release to anybody and anyone..she is really too cool to pass up on. =D



17 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Saber : Super Moveable Edition

  1. Woah, you got this post up fast. She’s a beauty and…also my first nendoroid (and only so far lol) i got. Sadly I don’t want to put her out in the open elements and… my cousins are known to take those kinda stuff without my permission haha. I love how you posed her dual wielding. She looks way much more alluring with it. The screaming face suits her so well. If i could like this post more than once, I would haha.

    Saber ❤

    • I’m glad that you got Saber as your first Nendoroid, she really is tremendously fun! Not to mention awesome-looking! =D

      Thanks for reading the post! I had a blast photo-taking Saber and writing the review, she is that GOOD. =3

  2. She’s a mind blower! She looks like a must have nendoroid! Double wielding.. effects sword.. super moveable.. whacky faceplate.. great paintjob.. just perfect! 😀

    • I know right! If you only get to have 1 Nendoroid, you should really go for Saber because she is like totally complete. Ahahahaha =3

      But if I ever were forced to have only 1 Nendoroid..I would probably can I have only 1 Nendo..XD

  3. Wow! She can stand with her own two feet? That’s awesome. Super moveable makes it perfect to pose it in your room and you can take all sorts of pictures of it in different poses too which is very cool ^^ And great photos by the way, simply awesome 🙂

    • I know right, that little fact made my day! There is something so adorable about a giant-headed Saber standing around without a stand. =3
      Super moveable also means that she looks super cool in whichever pose you place her in. =3

      Thanks for reading! XD

  4. EEEEXXCAALIIIIIBUUURR ! ! ! ! ! ! Ahhh, Nendo Saber; one of the few figures that actually brought me to figure collecting (too bad I don’t have her T^T) In my opinion, she looks better as a nendoroid (comparing it to a figma) Great photos as always 😀

    • The Figma was pretty exceptional but being an older product, the sculpt might not be that good.

      The Nendoroid is rather recent and looks really really good. XD Go get her now!

      • I could if I had the noble phantasm of money making XD my current pre-orders will keep me from buying some stuff for a while T^T

      • Me too! My current pre-orders are really killing me and thanks to the normal phantasm of borrowing stuff to review, I’m not spending much..yet. XD

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  6. Hey, that’s my kinda Nendoroid. I can’t believe it myself that small body got a well made joint… Were there any other character who has this beside this & HMO Miku?

      • Sonna… Only that 2? Yeah, it looks like the photos already convinced me to think how happy you are to enjoy her. I wish GSC & MF would make more of super moveable Nendos…

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