Review: Nendoroid Shuukan Hajimete no Hatsune Miku

It’s finally finally here! I told myself no more Miku Nendoroids after’s just too much but hey when this Miku came along, my resistance shattered. Shuukan Hajimete Miku is based off a 4koma manga thus her cartoony look and seriously, she is just awesome. =3

Standard Nendoroid box there. Quite an amount of hands and leg parts for this Miku.

Right off you can see how simple and manga-ish this Miku looks. Other than those eyes (urrggh) and simple lines for her costume, her twin tails are also thinner. =D That makes the weight so much lesser and they don’t fall out at all. =3

The square hair clip seems ridiculously large in comparison to her hair. =3 My Nendoroid seemed to have some coating issues with her sleeves being kind of shiny but since it’s not that obvious, I’ll let it slide.

Simple simple lines all around. No frills like the original Miku had around her skirt edges.

Obviously her twintails are on joints so posing them isn’t a pain.

Quite a number of accessories here, mainly optional body parts. Miku also comes with a Mic stand, a grocery bag and an ice cream cone.

The Microphone has 2 lengths, you can either swap it out for the longer rod, or use it with the shorter one. The rod is just plain black plastic and there is a nasty nub mark on mine. =(

Miku can swing the mic stand about and bash people with it. =3

Let’s move on to the 2nd expression! I just love how she seems to be yodelling with that face. =3

Miku spots something flying towards her.

*ACHOP!* Miku brilliantly catches the baseball in her hands and with a swift motion, dispatches it to the wind!


Having done her good deed (really?) for the day. Miku relaxes with some ice cream.

OR NOT! HMO Miku comes barrelling through!

This is such an epic face-plate. I got to say that just this expression alone made it worth the purchase. =3

And it gets even better when you swap the lower body and make her emo. 超かわいい!

A fellow Miku comes along and instills hope back into our dejected heroine.

With Miku fever running wild, Shuukan Hajimete Miku is back on her feet!

Inspired by her fellow Miku, this Miku went back to her daily leek shopping routine and grabbed an ice-cream cone on the way home. The bag is a really neat touch and it came from this video. (This is a Nico Nico Douga video and it might not load if you do not have an account.)

HMO strikes again!

With unbelievable bad luck, Miku spies something at the corner of her eye.

A cardboard box!! (This came flat behind the flap of the box but just tape it up and you’re good to go! The box has some really nice details as well)

You get a running Miku with a cardboard box on her head! Just when you thought emo Miku was the peak, this comes along and blows everything away. There is just something insanely awesome about a cardboard box wearing Miku. =3

If you can’t beat the Miku, join the Miku!


Epic epic release. XD


I waited so eagerly for this release and it did not disappoint. A happy, cheerful Miku is so commonplace and now different iterations of Miku has appeared. Append Miku has the whole serious thing going on while this Miku just went off in the opposite direction. All 3 face-plates provided were crazy fun and the accessories such as the mic, shopping bag and the CARDBOARD BOX are just so playable. There is seriously nothing I dislike about this Nendoroid and if you don’t have a Miku, this one is a tremendous one to start with.

I’m a totally dejected salaryman.


23 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Shuukan Hajimete no Hatsune Miku

  1. The black and white picture is just stunning! i can really feel her emotion from the card board box, black and white color, and the facial expression. a homeless miku…. I’m happy to finally see an original version of this. there’s just too many bootleg versions of it in our country T^T.

    • The Love is War is really pricey man…ahahaha sometimes we are faced with terrible decisions and got to cut out stuff due to our budget. But the figurine is really really nice. XD Thanks!

    • Don’t mess with the HMO, she will stomp you flat. XD
      I am considering getting all Miku Nendoroids but then wait..the racing and snow Mikus will hurt my wallet too much. So Imma gonna let it go for now. =3

  2. I must say this one had a pretty nice parts, that expressions was very laughable. However, I’m not a big fan of Miku Hatsune so I’m not dig into it… Come to think of it, didn’t they already released a lot of Miku around? & Just how many version that Miku has?


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