News: GSC’s re-releases announced!!

Remember this? Now that the results are finally out, GSC has firmed up certain re-releases and they are looking pretty good! =D

On the Nendoroid front, we get a re-release of Flan-Chan and Sakuya! Flandre is one of the prettiest Nendoroids ever and with a re-release, those crazy prices of hers would probably drop a bit. I already own her but since she is sooo cute, I pre-ordered another one so that I can have a mint copy. XD

Both Sayaka and Kyouko chan are getting re-releases as well despite being rather new products. I don’t know why but I suppose there are some really rabid fans out there? =3

Lo and behold, the King of Knights is getting a resale as well! I’m really happy as this is one of my votes so I feel that GSC actually listened to me. =3 Right now Saber is going for a pretty penny in the local forums so I rather wait for the re-issue than bust the bank.

Apparently both Reimu and Marisa might going for re-sale as well but that hasn’t been confirmed by the GSC just if you really want them..stay tuned! Right now both Flan-chan and Sakuya are available at GSC’s online store so get them while it’s hot! The rest of the stuff will be available via your usual retailers so what did you think of GSC’s choice of re-releases..? Well I get the feeling that now is only the beginning, so many more goodies will be announced so I’m hella excited. =3


Information kindly linked from Mikatan and Nendonesia.

19 thoughts on “News: GSC’s re-releases announced!!

  1. It seems like GSC is outright ignoring the survey with their choices here. At least I like the interest in Touhou, I thought GSC had given up in that but this and their upcoming Alice gives me hope.

    After all I do want a certain ice fairy to have a figma.

    • Ahahaha as of right now the results seem to be ignored but since Saber is in the list, I would say maybe not fully ignored? =3

      Cirno as Figma would be really sweet..but I’ll patiently wait for a Flan-chan Figma instead. =3

  2. yush I’m also happy with the Saber release… wish they had a discounted version for student haha… course thaznutgonahapen.I don’t see whats the use of the poll besides advertising tactics that ended up disappointing a lot of people. I can understand if they didn’t wana release saber lily nendoriod but… saber lion… lol. ah well who knows what they may do. :3

    • Well it’s still pretty early to say for sure but if one year on after this poll and still nothing from the list got re-released..then I’m gonna be so disappointed with GSC for pulling this stunt. =3

  3. wow i might just buy the Saber when it’s re-released! *though holes have been burnt with the preorder of Saber motored* >.<

  4. I want Flandre and Reimu!! There’s a Reimu in one of my local stores.. Its been there for a while but I haven’t bought it, I wonder if it’s still there, it’s been a while that I haven’t gone to that local store.. I really want the relaxed drinking tea expression! =3

    What I like about Flandre obviously are her wings!! Such colorful and unique wings!! I remember seeing her at a toy convention and boy I had the urge to buy her, but still no luck with funds! 😦 Still stuck with HG gunplas :))

    • Ahaha nothing wrong with HG gunplas! They are really getting better and better with time. =3

      For Nendoroids either pre-order them or get them at a discounted rate, it’s sucky to pay through the roof for something that you might not really want. =3

  5. Have to agree with Miette, it seems that GSC did not pay much attention to the polls (seriously Sayaka and Kyoko?!) I’m really happy with Sakuya and Flan-chan’s rerelease (seeing that they’re the ones that got me into touhou) and yes, Saber, I was one of those who witnessed her, as her price went up to Akasha, a rerelease might put her price a tad bit lower XD

    • Internationally Sayaka and Kyouko might not be that popular but maybe in Japan they are..? Ahahaha now it’s your chance to get a retailed-price Saber! Before she goes back to Camelot again. XD

      • Madoka Magica is plenty famous here in my place, its just that it feels unfair to rerelease a recently released figures. I do hope to get Saber this time around.

  6. money, money I need more money to get Saber! O_O
    Those Touhou nendoroids are really cute >_< I promised myself not to look at these super adorable things so I won't get tempted on getting either one of them… at least for now.

    • Ahahahaha try getting if when it’s out? I shied away from the bike due to it’s large size and hefty price tag. Saber triumphant excalibur is gonna be something else. XD

      • saber motored is gonna be my first saber figure and to tell the truth, it was a really tough decision for me, contemplating for few days, thinking whether I should actually spend so much on a figure. Finally went with the po, luckily slot still available. Not gonna regret anything now lol can’t wait for it to arrive next month. And I think I’m gonna get Saber Triumphant as well, saw some current pricing from local sellers, so high! Thank goodness they re-release it with the retail price xDD

      • hahaha yeah the prices are kinda high..9800 yen retail but I got my pre-order in as well. Since every Saber Triumphant you see around the place is going to cost more than that. XD


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