Review: Figurine 1/8 Flandre Scarlet Version 2 (Griffon Enterprises)

If you’ve been reading 赤信号 regularly, you should know that my favourite Touhou gal is Flandre Scarlet and with great trepidation, I purchased her off Ami Ami around 9000 Yen (including shipping) and through EMS shipping, she arrived with 3 days. =3 I have tremendously high expectations for Flan-chan so let’s go! Ufufufu…

Griffon Enterprises does plenty of figurines, many of them Touhou based and since their stuff are rather niche, the prices are slightly higher and their items harder to find. Anyways Flan’s box is huge, and rather straightforward. Just illustrations and a fancy swirl of colours.

First hint that I’m not dealing with a regular comes in the box. Other than the cheap feeling lining paper inside, I’m treated with good old plain cardboard inside. However since I didn’t get the figure for the box, it isn’t that important.

Griffon has a penchant for knocking out dull black bases for their figurines and Flan got hers with her name embossed at the front. This Flandre is Version 2 and since Version 1 is out of stock in Ami Ami, I went with this one. =3

First impressions are really really promising. Love how dynamic the skirt flows, her hair seems really detailed and those wings! =D

Her wings also point upwards instead of being horizontal so that saves some display space. Flan can also balance fine on the blazing base so her boring black base can be skipped. =3

This flames look pretty funky and being clear red, I can see some light-catching possibilities with her. However why have flames and then solid pillars in between..? That just looks odd. Love those red Dorothy shoes as well. =3

The skirt looks great! The sculpt is amazing and the paint application is top-notch here! No spillage and love how those frills and ribbon look. And yes Flan-chan is wearing bloomers. XD The sculptor (I-con) did a stellar jobl for her costume, those frilly bits look frilly while those puffy areas around her shirt and sleeves look appropriately puffy. =3

Flan also has some nice hair there, plenty of individual strands depicting motion in this figurine. On closer scrutiny there are still some flash marks that should have been sanded away but I suppose that’s due to me being too used to Alter/GSC’s stuff. =3

The worth of any figure is their face and Flan-chan looks really sweet here. Her trademark fang is there and she sports a mischievious/cheerful look. I guess you would be if you’re a 500year old vampire who never grew up? =3

Flan’s chan ever so pretty wings! According to the Wiki, Flan’s wings are supposed to be Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light Green and Light Blue again but hey as long as it looks good, I’m fine with it.

Man those wings are really cool. =3

And with the right lighting, those wings will really sparkle!

Flan only comes with her cap and Laevetain as extras. =3

Just pop the cap on and put Laevetain into her hands and everything is complete! Laevetain is made of a bendy plastic so unless you manhandle it, it should not break.

I don’t know why but her cap doesn’t seem to sit on her head that properly. Instead of wearing it, Flan looks like she just put it on and it’s just there….maybe it’s just me? =3

With Laevetain on, Flan takes up more space than expected but since her base is small, you can sort of rotate her to the sides to save some space.


I paid 9000+ yen for Flandre, making her my most expensive figurine to date. Is that really worth it? From a practical standpoint, you can’t really get Touhou Project stuff outside of Japan that easily so Ami Ami is the cheapest option so from a financial point of view, it’s cheaper than Ebay or Mandarake. Personally I love Flandre and would love to have all her figurines so I might be biased while reviewing her but this is a solid release by Griffon. The sculpt is tremendous, paintwork is spot-on without any spillages and generally just looks fantastic. As a Flandre fan I’m more than pleased and would come back for more. However this is only meant for fans and for casual collectors, 9000+Yen might be too much to pay for a vampire with pretty wings. My first experience with Griffon has been rather promising and if my finances allow, I can definitely see myself getting something else in the future.

Ufufufu, now you will spend your life’s finances and time worshipping me. Ufufufu..



17 thoughts on “Review: Figurine 1/8 Flandre Scarlet Version 2 (Griffon Enterprises)

  1. 9000 yen is quite expensive indeed, Griffon’s Remilia and Flandre were the few eye candies that got my attention to the companies existence. Overall the figure looks lovely, an awesome depiction of Flandre’s cleverness. I wonder if I get Kogasa-chan anywhere O.o <=== my current touhou grail fig

  2. huukkk…9,000 yen… thats a staggering 1hit KO for me haha. three days? man that’s quick.. I really liked seeing her silhouette and her wings (and a bit of the base) stand out. it gave out a sense of “awe” (from my perspective at least).

    • I kind of suck doing indoor lighting so I don’t know how to do the glowing effect but I’m sure someone more capable will probably pull it off. =D

      Yeah the price is high..since it’s not a mass-release kinda thing readily available via my normal pre-order store. =3

  3. wow that’s a big price! But for a nice big figure! Always loved the colorful wings! =3 Nice base too! 😀 Maybe adding some orangey light will make her on fire! haha! =3 hot.

    • Ahaha she really isn’t that large, it’s mainly due to her wings that add some width to her. Ahaha I should go find different coloured lights for some variety in my photos I suppose. =3

  4. This Flandre looks nice, much better than the first. I have the opinion that these second versions should have been the figure Griffon should have released in the first place for their Touhou line.

    Happy to hear you are happy, I seen and read that Griffon is not the best in terms of their QC but it seems this Flandre was spot on.

    • I got to agree that the sculpt and pose for the 2nd version is much better than the 1st but there is just something about the 1st’s expression that really gets me. =3

      Yeah I was pretty worried when I started opening her up but thankfully enough, it was just perfect. I read of people having drooping wings and what not..terrible issues.

  5. I was so close in collecting these Griffon touhou figures until I was introduced to GSC back in 2009, I so wonder how it will be with them adapting it!

  6. Looks wonderful. ~ I was thinking of getting her, but she looks too close to their first Flandre that I already own, so I passed on her this time around. If they do a third Flan with a more dramatic pose, I’d definitely get it though, seeing as I’m a pretty big fan of her myself. =3

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