Review: Figma Kyoko Sakura

The final mahou shoujo from the critical anime hit Madoka has finally arrived in my home and of course I took her out to play immediately. However due to time constraints, it took  me nearly a week to put her review up so enjoy~ (hopefully)

Right out of the box I was really impressed with Kyoko, solid paint-job, good sculpt and overall just feels really well-done.

Kyoko has a funky dress which opens up at the front. Kind of strange from the sides but since you will probably never pose her like this, it’s not an issue.

No paint bleeds on Kyoko! After Mami got some ugly paint bleeds I’m kinda paranoid when it comes to my Figmas but Kyoko here is fantastic. =D I’m also really digging her maroon costume, very pleasing on the eyes. =3 Her rear skirt also have joints so as not to compromise poseability.

Kyoko’s hair is also layered. A rubber top conceals the joint for the moveable piece below. Overall Kyoko’s hair has a really nice sculpt and feels dynamic.

Kyoko as a Figma was pretty neat and she’s no slouch too when it comes to her accessories. =3

Despite being rather plain, her spear is humongous and has a real pointy end. Don’t go jabbing yourselves in the eye with that. =3

When you swap in the angry face, almost every pose with the spear looks menacing.

Of course like any red-clad character, they got to have a blue-coloured rival. =3

Kyoko uses Spear Attack!

Kyoko misses!

Miki goes in for the kill!

Oh wait, Kyoko’s spear extended into a whip?

CRITICAL HIT, Miki is ko-ed!

Yeap other than that long spear, you also get an optional extended one! =3

Depending on how you attach the chains, you can make the rods go in any direction! =3

Of course, after a hard day’s fight, a girl gotta have her snacks! XD

I really liked how MF packed in the pocky munching face-plate. It just adds so much character to the already awesome Figma. =3

2 different spears, snacks and even a Kyubey! And to top it off a hand for holding Kyubey by his ears? Cooooolll! But this is a case where the idea was better than the execution. I don’t know if it’s because I suck or what..but I just couldn’t get Kyubey into the hand. In the end I chose to preserve my sanity and used sticky-tack to make Kyubey stay. If it was a solid fit, it would have been tremendous but as things are, I will never display it….which is such a waste. =(


Before opening Kyoko’s box, I was pretty ambivalent about the character. Yeah she kicked ass, had a sad background story and wore red but my girls were still Mami and Homura. After the Figma, I’m not too sure anymore…the whole release is tremendous..none of the finicky posing characterised by previous Madoka girls, just an all-round playable and interesting Figma. With her spear on, Kyoko looks really imposing and even with the Kyubey issue, she is easily my favourite Figma amongst the Madoka quintet. I would tell you to go get her now but since not everyone watched Madoka or knew about it, it just won’t feel right. However if you did watch it, please go go and get her. Kyoko easily overshadows all the previous releases and if you were considering which girl to go for, Kyoko’s gonna be a stellar choice. =3

gimme more Pocky!




23 thoughts on “Review: Figma Kyoko Sakura

  1. Yeah that spear!! Seeing this character.. it reminds me of another similiar looking character that is also maroon colored, but I can’t seem to remember the name of the other character.. XD

    • Hahaha go watch it! But the Pocky is seriously cool..anyone who ate it before will totally know how it feels to have the Pocky sticking out of your mouth like that. =3

  2. Now, I can understand why they reissue her… That’s quite a complex parts she got, I like her spear mostly. But from seeing her face with munching her pocky snack it makes me a bit cautious, since if we careless when handling her we might break it easily. Maybe?

    • Oh I think I didn’t mention it in my review but the Pocky is removable. There’s a hole in her mouth which the Pocky goes into. So it’s not really something you will break. =3

      • Sonna… The photos convinced me that they’re both molded together… Now, I have no worries about that, If I ever dig into her someday… Overall, she’s pretty bossie enough…

    • Same here! I thought it would be a whole piece which can be rotated or bent around..not separate little pieces like that. Still it works and it’s real sturdy as well. =3

      Aahaha when I run out of space, I either sell off some of the stuff I don’t really want or pack them up into their boxes. =3

  3. She looks wonderful, Im amazed how good the quality of the figma is.
    Im very much looking forward to the PVC version of it too. altough its a shame i missed out of them :/

    • Kyoko is really one of the better releases I’ve had from Max Factory in a long time. The PVC looks real nice as well…but I’m saving it for Menma

  4. Kyoko’s GORGEOUS! Not to mention she have a lot of accessories though, she must cost a fortune! @_@ Nice photoshoot btw, and what did you use for your background? I’ll be looking forward to your next review! 😀 (suggestion : a photo shoot on her outdoors? 😉 )

    • Hahaha I pre-ordered her so she costs the same as an average Nendoroid or Figma. =3
      As for the background the outdoor one was just outside my flat while the white
      background just used a sheet of white paper as the backing. =3

      I’m planning an outdoor shoot of the Madoka girls soon hopefully! =3

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