Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider V3

Kamen Rider V3 is the 2nd series from the famed Kamen Rider lineage and like how Gundam Zeta relates to Gundam, it was a pretty big deal for me when I finally got my hands on V3. =3 There were rampant stock cuts in Singapore for this handsome fellow which really inflated his value but when you’re a green dragonfly, it’s hard to not be cool. =3

V3 has a nice, colourful box and despite the kick effect part, it’s still packed within the normal-sized SHF box.

V3 right out of the box looks really good! The paintwork is excellent and the proportions are slim and pleasing. The red and silver mixes well and despite the plasticky green, everything comes together well.

His red and green are really bright and the Next version is a total departure from this classic design.

SHFs with green compound eyes really sparkle and V3 is no exception. In case you didn’t know, V3 is modelled on a Dragonfly and yeap I can see some resemblance there. =3 However I feel that his antennas are way too thick but I guess Bandai did it this way to avoid breakage issues?

His chest armour shifts and unlike Amazon‘s one where it’s really obvious, V3’s one is so subtle that you won’t even know it moves. =3

A neat touch was how all those creases were sculpted into his costume. It really looks like somebody is wearing the suit and running about. =3

His belt is really simple and if I were to’s that the double typhoons seem to be bulging forth too much. But it’s really a minor issue.

V3 being a melee fighter doesn’t require any weapons and only comes with hands, flying scarves, his V3 Hopper and the Rider Kick effect part.

V3’s ankle has a really limited range as it’s connected too deeply into the socket. Posing might bring some balancing issues which is kind of sad considering that it’s a new SHF and shouldn’t have such problems. =(

Other than that, everything is smooth and he can pull off any pose you might need. =3

The scarves attach via a peg and it’s a no-brainer to switch them. The action scarves flow backwards and look pretty neat.

V3 comes with his V3 Hopper on the left side of his belt. There are 2 versions of this, one with the V3 Hopper in the holster and the other with it out. Both are really tiny and loose so don’t drop them into a crevice…it would really suck.

V3 Hopper! It’s a neat touch but since the holster is highly prone to fall off I rather it be solid than removable.

V for Victory! Stand up for the Victory~ (oops wrong series) =3








I already had Ichigo and Nigo so V3 was an obvious addition to my collection. The paintwork is good and articulation is to be expected considering its a SHF. Accessories are kind of lacking but really what do you need with V3? This release is aimed at those collectors who love their vintage riders and if you have never heard of V3 or know nothing about him, it’s an easy pass. However, if you really want a piece of Kamen Rider History and heritage, you got to get V3! Plus get Ichigo and Nigo too, they look so good together. =3

You! Yes you right there! Buy me home today!


15 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider V3

  1. Hmm.. Glad you finally got him, V3 surely one of the latest release of SHF right now. Anyway, since you got Classic Ichigo/Nigo/V3, Amazon, Skyrider, & Black saga riders. Are you going to collect all the showa riders as well, if they’ll make the rest? Also, from the photo shown of the trio, I think you ought to have Classic Shocker Rider. They’re definitely fit to be trolled by the mighty Classic Ichigo/Nigo. Maybe….

    • Hahaha yes I aim to complete the Showa series ahahah and already pre-ordered my Stronger. =3

      Shocker Rider’s an exclusive unless it’s prices drop, I won’t be getting it. =3

  2. wish my life came explosions too… but i guess i have to buy it separately haha. nice review! v3 is a model we’d love to follow after… esp the butt-kicking action he carries along with. 🙂

    • Hahah all self-respecting Tokusatsu shows should have explosions, plenty of them. =3

      Hahaha V3 is pretty awesome and it was really fun making him do cool poses.

  3. Kamen Rider is so nostalgic, Very glad that the SHF line never disappoints me, v3 is not an exception. Want more pictures of Ichigo/Nigo, classics ftw!

  4. Ohhhh I like the effect parts!! Especially that it is partly transparent, apparently, am also a sucker for translucent/transparent parts, whether it be a figure or gunpla =3

  5. Great review!
    I haven’t seen V3, but I really like his design. I regret missing out on Ichigo and Nigo now. V3 looks lonely on my shelf without his predacessors standing beside him.


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