News: AFA 2012 (KL)

Sorry for the scarcity of updates these few days, in between assignments and other stuff, I wasn’t really that free to do any posts. Anyways this weekend, I’m going to Anime Festival Asia Malaysia!!! AFA has always been in Singapore (this year later too) but they are also holding an earlier one in Malaysia! Since it’s rather near, a maximum of 6 hours by coach, I feel that it’s gonna be a worthwhile experience checking the event out. =3

As with AFA, there are plenty of stuff happening so let’s take a look!

AFA always has their Anisongs and this time I’m not going due to budget concerns..=( However if you are going, you can catch them and especially Kalafina since they should be singing the new opening/ending to Fate Zero. =3

Of course Dan the man is coming and if you love the guy, you gotta come for AFA!

Then we have the regional cosplay competition which is really cool. I totally enjoy seeing cosplay from different countries..wonders how it will measure up to Singapore’s?

My beloved money-eating company GSC will be there in attendance as well…so hopefully so prototypes are going to be out on display! XD

Then you have celebrity cosplay guests in Kaname, Miyuko and Tasha-chan! =D

I’m pretty stoked by AFA MY so are any of you going there? =3


9 thoughts on “News: AFA 2012 (KL)

  1. omagash Miyuko is a guest thar 😀 im one of her many fans ❤ too bad i cant go… if you take any photos, i do hope you'll get some epic shots!! esp of le cosplayers.


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