Back from AFA MY!

Just returned from AFA MY in Kuala Lumpur and it was a pretty cool experience! Right now I’m pretty stoned from the long coach trip so stay tuned for more pictures coming soon! Oh and if you were wondering, I’m obviously the dumb looking guy on the left..not Marisa. XD


16 thoughts on “Back from AFA MY!

  1. Hahaha… So this is the famous 赤信号? Well, you might say you’re dumb looking, but you can’t judge people by their looks. That the fact, you’ve made dozens of useful review, so you must be the smart guy. I even learned some from you. Keep rock’n, mate!

    Anyway, I have updated my figma Shana review, mainly added more pictures of her. Check them if you have time. 😉

    • Wow can’t believe you managed to find me posing with the artbook! Ahaha you’re welcome, the pictures are really pretty! Was kinda sad I couldn’t get any Flandre badges though…only managed to snag Remilia and Sakuya. =3


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