News: AFA MY 2012 (KL)

AFA MY 2012 was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and being just 5 hours away via coach, I decided to pop over and check it out! =3

Danny Choo had a pretty funky booth!

GSC was there as well!

Bandai’s Tamashii Nations =3

Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe and Atelier Butler Cafe also came here from AFA Spore..the queue is innnsaaannnneeeee~

The whole event hall was kinda squishy and wheneve there was a cosplayer posing, the whole world just stopped and snapped away…making walking the halls a real chore

Nice to see some local shops such as Latendo and KKNM making an appearance there as well. =3

Now let’s take a look at some upcoming goodies!

Ultimate Madoka really befits her title and she is gorgeous! It’s one thing looking at her via Mikatan and quite another to be staring at her through a glass panel! Still with that pricetag…I’m gonna have to skip..

Also an upcoming Mirai Nendoroid! I’m not such a big fan but the Nendoroid is looking really adorable. =3

No $ for the scaled figure? Get the EX Ride version instead! The Motored Curaisser looks real nifty and there are some pretty green clear parts on it! Reminds me of Shadowmoon for some reason =3

Pain is power! And pain I felt when I saw the they look really good..and I didn’t preorder any of them…maybe I’ll have delusions about owning them instead?

Dekared! His head sculpt looks really sweet but I just don’t dig the obvious shoulder joints…ala Shinkenred joints.

For more event pictures, head over here!

Of course there’s cosplay!

Accel World is still running so it’s really cool to see a Kuroyukihime! Complete with those butterfly wings!

Magnet form Fourze? Malaysia kitaaaaa!

I got no idea who that 3 cool looking fellas were but on the left is Hagoromono Ghitsune from Nurarihyon no Mago. =3

Taka! Kuja! Condor! TAJADOL~

Then we have Guilty Crown’s Shuu and Inori! Check out that bad-ass blade! Inori was really popular, saw quite a few of them about. =3

Then the really sweet Marisa! Saw Reimu too but she got lost in the crowd and never found her again. =3

More cosplay!

Overall, the event was pretty was kind of weird walkig through a construction site to get there but hey just follow all em cosplayers and it’s all cool! The convention center is accessible via train so even if you don’t know any Malay it’s fine. If I were to complain, the event schedule could be more interesting, Anisong could have more artistes and they could have a larger variety of shops (No Gunpla booth! It was at Sungei Wang Shopping Center instead!?) but hey it’s only the first time! It can only get better! Right…? If I have time and a little budget to blow, you betca I’ll be back the next year!


21 thoughts on “News: AFA MY 2012 (KL)

  1. Talk about Philippines, last sunday.., i met a filipino when i was queuing for kotoko autograph
    He was behind me. I try to talked with him but he doesn’t talk much.He kinda cool. He said that he loves kotoko since he was a little kid and fly all the way to Malaysia just because he want to meet Kotoko.

    P.S – Kotoko is so sweet and have a handshake with her was definitely a moment of miracle in my life.

    That night during the concert.., i saw his seats was in front of me.., what a coincidence ..? Anyway, when Sea A start their concert, he just sit like usual. But when it’s Kotoko turns, he started to jump and dance. Man, that was definitely funny. I can believe he is the same person i met when i was queuing for Kotoko autograph.

    • Wow that’s a really interesting story! It was so nice that you met him and even had him in front of you. =3 And I can relate the handshake moment as well, when I shook Tomomi’s (Scandal) hand, it was like I’m floating. =3

  2. Looks like AFA was fun for you, I wish I could see the cosplay and figures up close in person. As a Touhou fan I am a bit sad Reimu got away but at the very least that Marisa looks really nice.

    • Yeah, all I got was a really blur shot that I zoomed all the way in. Both me and my friend were like ‘yeah we can take a photo of Reimu later, no worries’. Turns out later is never.. =3

  3. Yeah, I went there too and I expected more of it actually. However, taking into consideration that it’s only the first ever AFA MY, it’s ok I guess. ^^ I should have applied your motto ‘Buy first, regret later’ because I missed the cute Racing Miku shirt. It was sold out when I got back from the stage in the noon. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward for a greater AFA MY ^^

    • Ahahaha, true motto! But the Racing Miku shirt was kinda pricey..all I got was the official AFA MY shirt from the booth in the end. =3
      It should get better, I’m hoping for that as well. XD

  4. AFA looks really fun as usual. Your so lucky being able to see Godoka at this early stage (so jelly~) Lol with the Akibarangers, did they have the henshin device displayed around? I do hope that AFA goes to the Philippines, etching to go to the GSC booth @_@

    • Ahahah nah the Henshin device wasn’t there. Considering it’s crazily high price tag I wouldn’t get it as well. Even if it can go Z kyun~
      Ahahaha I love going to GSC’s and Bandai’s booths, they always have some prototypes there. =3

  5. Was there on the second day, took photos of figures mostly (lol). I was literally drooling upon visiting the Macross Fanclub booth. (was drooling at Sherly’s PVC, TBH).

    Good thing didn’t ate at the maid, my friends took a good three hours of waiting/queuing just to go in.

    • The Macross booth was way packed, just managed to squeeze in to snap some shots of the mecha..ahaha but Sheryl… =3
      The Maid Cafe was crazy..went once and I weren’t too impressed..still I guess some people do love their maids.. =3

  6. that was one badass iron man cosplay i see there. 🙂 Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe is too popular… i wonder how stressed the maids got that day. xD if AFA goes to the philippines i’d fly to wherever they’d be hosting it… but if it wasn’t AFA id rather… sit at home and look at the pictures haha. ultimate madoka’s pic made my day. 🙂

    • Aahaa I don’t know whether they would be stressed or so happy from the truckload of money pouring in from the crowds. =3 Ahaha Ulti Madoka is so gorgeous…but so is the pricetag as well. =3

  7. Like you told me back then, sure enough the Akibarangers do not come with their non-helmet head piece. Deal-breaker for me without them included.

    The ones next to Hagoromo, I am quite sure they are cosplaying as characters from Trinity Blood.

    And no photos of the Spiral Cats?

    • Yeah, if they ever did come with their non-helmet faces, count on Bandai to make it exclusive. =3

      I couldn’t seem to find any of the celebrity cosplayers except for Kaname during his segment. There was a tremendous group taking photos of somebody though..but the crowd was so crazy I didn’t squeeze in to take a closer look. Might be them I suppose =3.

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