Thoughts: About Good Smile Company (GSC)

I’ve been getting GSC’s stuff for some time already, and as evidenced from my growing collection..probably deposited my life savings into their coffers. =3 So why this post abput GSC? Well remember pretty pretty Millifi here? Well didn’t I lose her ahoge (hair piece)? So why does she have that poking outta her head..? Read on.. =3

I’ve lost poor Millifi-chan’s ahoge during an outdoor photoshoot a few months back and felt pretty sad about it. I did contemplate about contacting GSC for replacement parts but felt it was kinda unlikely they would do anything about it..until I read this on Mikatan’s blog.

I’ve always been very careful with my figures, but a little while ago I damaged one of my figures through my own carelessness. I’m afriad tha if I try to repair it myself, I’m just going to end up damaging it more.  It was quite a special figure to me, so it’s really been eating at me… It was a figure sold over a year ago from Good Smile Company, is it still possible to get a hold of replacement parts in some way?
    – Anonymous

Read through these posts relating to parts repair!

DIY Figure Repairs Part 1: Broken Joints
DIY Figure Repairs Part 2: Reinforcing Joints
DIY Figure Repairs Part 3: Scuffed Paint

Unfortunately we can no longer supply replacement parts for figures that are over a year old… In Part 2 of the posts above, I show a way of reinforcing joints by making them thicker. Give it a go and perhaps you can repair the figure to be as good as new all by yourself!

Soooooo…does that mean figures that are under a year old get replacement parts? With hope in my chest, I tried emailing GSC about Milli’s ahoge.

Here’s the whole thing:

 Good day,
> > 
> > I brought Millihore out for a photoshoot last week and 
unfortunately, I lost her ahoge piece. I would like to check if 
GSC does any replacement parts?
> > I really hope so as now Millifi has a hole in her head. =( 
> > 
> > 
> > Thank you very much,
> > 
> > Sean Lee from Singapore. 
> >  		 	   		   
> ********************** 
> 株式会社グッドスマイルカンパニー 
> カスタマーサポート 
> URL: 
> 〒271-0091 
> 千葉県松戸市本町14-2松戸第一生命ビルディング2F 
> TEL 0120-915-391 

------Original Message------
> From: "グッドスマイルカンパニーカスタマーサポート"
> To: Sean Lee
> Subject: Re: Missing Ahoge
> Sent: 5 Jun 2012 1:49 PM
> Dear Sean Lee-san,
> Thank you for your inquiry. 
> Would you tell us your name, phone number, address and
> zip code (postal code)? 
> After that, we will send you Nendoroid Millihore's ahoge piece. 
> Regards,
> Good Smile Company

after giving them my address...
Dear Lee Wen Long Sean-san

Hello, thank you for your message.
We sent you the needed part.
Please wait for a little while until the parts arrive

And so arrived the Ahoge!!! It’s really nice GSC made the effort and the shipping for such a tiny piece wasn’t that cheap either. Going by the envelope, it costs around 500+ yen so that was a really awesome gesture on GSC’s part. XD

Millihore wishes for her hair to grow back.

Ask and you shall receive?

It’s a tiny piece of plastic..but still it’s so important to me to have a complete Nendoroid. Thanks to GSC, I now have a ahoge-ish Millihore again and that really really makes my day. In a strange way, I feel happy that I’m getting so much stuff from them because when it counts, they are really there to help. THANK YOU SO MUCH GSC! I don’t know if anyone from GSC will ever see this but hey, it’s a heartfelt declaration nonetheless. =3


Just curious here, did anybody try contacting GSC before for any issues?

Ahoges FTW!



61 thoughts on “Thoughts: About Good Smile Company (GSC)

  1. Good for you, I have seen GSC do this several times and it still impresses me. Never bothered to contact them when my Shiina nendo petit had a huge paint stain in her hair, now regretting it @_@

    Guess she’s not Millifi Alter anymore with the ahoge back XD

    • Ahaha yeah I’ve read of people getting stands and stuff but when it really works for you, it’s kinda cool. =3

      I don’t mind her being non-Alter…am a huge sucker for Ahoges. ahahaha =3

  2. While I have broken some figmas before I have never thought of contacting GSC for spare parts. Although for figmas it would be very simple if GSC just sold spare joints like Kaiyodo does.

    Still this kind of customer service blows me away, essentially impossible elsewhere outside of Japan.

    • Yeah for Figmas and S.H Figuarts…once it’s’s broken. However Kaiyodo’s selling point are those Revoltech joints while for MF.etc, the joints ain’t the main thing so I can sorta see why they don’t do that.

      I know right! It’s things like that which makes a customer real loyal to your company. XD

  3. My Reimu nendo came without one of her ponytails, and same here, GSC were absolutely amazing emailing back and having it sent all the way here to Canada! I love how they put so much thought not only into the beautiful designs of their figures, but also to the attention they pay to their customers

    • Wow that’s really neat! I would be so bummed out if my Nendoroid came with missing parts..not to mention if it’s an exclusive!

      I guess it shows that despite the increasing prices of their stuff, they really do care about their customers. XD

  4. OMG now I love GSC even more!! Excellent customer support! IT VERY RARE too see customer support like this. either it’ll take a very long time or they won’t mind at all.. GSC FTW! =3

  5. Seriously?! What a humble company they are… They really serves with smile O_o! Under year old GSC stuffs… Wonder if I accidentally lost/broke my figma Nene… Figma Nene was released last Desember ago in Japan(but I received February), so the product supposed to be still under a year old since it’s still aged under year old by now…

    But thank God, so far I never had any trouble on GSC/MF stuffs… Or even having a tiny defects from the product themselves… On the contrary most of my problem are Bandai in S.I.C. mostly & Play Arts Kai. I don’t know if they can be asked for a replacement parts or not, but the possibility is beyond from 0% I guess, since I got old stuffs mostly. Well… Except for Play Arts Kai Solid Snake but wonders too if we contact them…

    Anyway, do we have to pay something(like shipping/etc) or have any terms & conditions from GSC? Or… We just sit & relax till the stuff come after we contact them? Also, how long that they took till the stuff arrived to you?

    • I suppose you could try emailing them about Nene? You never know!

      Bandai is ahhh…really hard to grab hold of considering they have various regional branches. You gotta go back to your distributor for any defects instead of Bandai Japan and that makes it all so troublesome.

      As for GSC, I paid NOTHING! It’s crazy but they even sent it through EMS so I received it in like less than a week. Some really sweet dedication there. =D

      • Sonna?! GSC don’t want to dissapoint their costumer at all… Well, I would like to contact them. But the fact now, I still have all the parts in a good shape. & from all of my experience on having GSC’s Figma, their stuff never dissapoint me at all. I’ve got them all in a good shape. Either Nene, Shana, & even my new one recently… But dunno for my future figma Inori & Kuroyukihime.

        Funny, my S.I.C.s are all a Japan region but each of them that I got has a defects that bothers their looks. Well, I guess I have to accept their mistakes afterall.

  6. That’s awesome! Great that ミルヒ got her ahoge back! ^^

    I once contacted GSC about my Figma Haruhi middle school ver, since it had a mispainted slanted mouth. Unfortunately, they said they can’t do anything about a tiny mispaint for a overseas customer.

    Pic here. It sure is just a tiny mispaint, but it still bothers me when I take photos.

    • Ohhh man..that is a small mispaint but a major change of attitude! Now Haruhi looks 5x angrier than normal. =(

      Yeah I can see where you’re coming would bother me as well..probably tilt her to the ok side when snapping pictures of her I suppose.

  7. sugoi! didn’t know they did that. i’m sure they can’t satisfy everyone but to something like that, just makes me respect them even more. good job GSC! hope you keep it up throughout the long coming years thatll tempt you to change T^T

    • Ahaah you never know! However right now my loyalty is with GSC..there’s nothing in the market that can quite beat Nendoroids. Banpresto prizes or Bandai’s Chibi Arts are just missing the X factor. =3

  8. When i read this post-jan.

    I went and told Master about this article, but he seemed a little angry-jajaan. Then i heard about GSC’s issue on one of Master’s figures and i suppose his hatred towards GSC was understandable-jan…

    Or he’s just plain unlucky-jajaan.

    • I recall that incident as well ja-jan. However since mine was a GSC product, not a MF one (which GSC distributes) and also not an exclusive, I
      was kinda hoping for the best jan. =3

  9. Wow. You’re really lucky. I had too rebuild the joint for my figma Marisa since I have no idea about this. Then again, having a figma with a broken waist joint for a few days is pretty… unsettling.

  10. I bought a figma Azusa few months back, and it had a shoulder joint that was already broken when I took it out of the box. Actually I thought it was a broken peg joint, but it turned out that the shoulder hole-socket was not drilled in properly, hence the arm cannot be fitted together.

    I DIY-ed it myself by digging a bigger hole, but it turned out worse and so I ended up super-gluing the arm to the shoulder instead. *sigh* Well, the product was out for more than a year already, so I guess it can’t be help anyway.

    • Oohhh man…that’s horrible. =( If you brought it back to the shop who sold you Azunyan, would they exchange it? My Ritsu’s hand came fused to the arm so I broke it and drilled a brand new hole through as well, which kinda saved it. =3

      • Well, it was a while back, but I didn’t get a receipt from the store too. Not like it was the store’s fault anyway, but it is okay. I got a handicapped Azusa – special in a way haha

  11. Simply awesome. I didn’t know about this ^^ Such a great customer service 🙂 Was really surprised when I saw this post. To think that they would go this far as to send customers some figurine parts without extra charges, GSC deserves to be respected more. Am in love with GSC all over again ^^

  12. This is actually the first time I heard of GSC customer service and I’m glad to hear it worked out for you. I should recommend my friends to do the same too .

    Btw I love the first pic. Reminds me of a race track with a crowdl pf nendos watching.

  13. How Long did it take them to reply to your email? I just purchased a Cheerful Japan edition Kagamine Len figure from a stand at Anime Expo, @_@ he was 110$ but it wasn’t until I got home that I noticed he was missing his headset pieces! I was baffled because the box was still bubble wrapped and sealed like the vendors had never even touched the box themselves. I jsut sent them an email, I hope they’re able to replace it 😦 I know Cheerful Japan Nendoroids are limited edition but since they’re re-releasing the normal Len Nendoroid they may have a few, spare parts, laying around :3 *Fingers Crossed*

      • I already got a reply from them and they are sending his headset piece! I’m so excited! This was the very first nendoroid I’ve ever bought so this was really imporant to me, Thanks so much for your blog entry about this, I never would have even thought to try and email them! ^_^

      • YEAAAHHH! Congratulations! For 2 reasons, 1 for having GSC sending his headset, and 2 for starting Nendoroid collection! XD

        I’m so glad that my post helped you in some way, that was the reason why I did it in the first place. =3

  14. Well, last week ago I did contacted GSC on my recently got Figma’s problem… They didn’t respond me at all till now… Well, they really can’t replace my missing part of Mikuru adult ver… T_T

    How, ironic… This missing part was actually came from GSC themself, not mine….

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      • They said:Thank you for contacting us.

        However, we are sorry for that we cannot help you this time. Because we do not accept any requests from the customers who broke or lost the parts even if it occurred by an accident. We do not sell any parts of our products. Those are our company policy. Thank you for your kind understanding.

        If you receive our product with defect, please contact us with some photos immediately. We will do our best to help you.

        I feel so helpless….zzz

      • Oh….goodness. I guess they don’t do replacements anymore..? But the scarf isn’t that obvious right..cause I don’t display my Inori with it as well…=(

  16. I recently got a figma from them, and when I was moving his torso he suddenly separated from his legs. I tried putting the ball and socket joint connecting his legs and torso back into, but it just wouldn’t hold. I emailed GSC with pictures, and they asked me for my address so they could send a replacement. Can you believe that? It’s not just an arm or a hand replacement, but a whole new figure to replace it with!

  17. Thanks for the info! Really makes my life easier. I bought it from GSC and emailed them immediately after I opened the box (which was the next day) but they never sent a stand, they only sent the other replacement items. (Hair joints, shovel, mic… etc.)


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