News: Nendoroid pre-order or not?

The loveable bear? from Persona 4 has been announced and boy does he look colorful! =3 I thought Kuma was kinda dumb when he first appeared in Persona 4 but as the series came along..he really grew on me. Kuma is cute kuma~ Now that a Nendoroid has been announced for Kuma..I am really tempted…ahahaha

Kuma has a really ridiculous shape and right off the bat I know he won’t be the most poseable Nendoroid.

What really suckered me was the above expression..mannn that’s adorable!

Like that isn’t enough, Kuma also comes with his human form!

So essentially, you’re getting 2 Nendoroids in 1! That looks to be such a cool deal…and considering how Kuma is male…that’s gonna be something different.. =3

I’m really on the fence whether I should pre-order this fella now..the double Nendoroid set seems to be pretty nifty but it’s not something that I really want kuma~

What do you guys think about Kuma?


Pictures from GSC’s website.

11 thoughts on “News: Nendoroid pre-order or not?

    • HAHAHAHA. I will take the power of the loli-sense in consideration…if Kuma were to be a loli..I suspect your loli-sense would be tingling in a YES direction. =3

  1. I don’t know but.. the bear form really looks great! No doubt about it, but.. the human form.. it kinda creeps me out.. especially the facial expression.. or maybe just my imagination XD

    • ahahaha, maybe cause he looks so blank? Or maybe a dude crawling out of a bear is weird..=3

      Ahaha the bear is really cute, but I don’t see much poseability with it. Still…I’m tempted..

  2. I haven’t seen Persona 4 and I don’t have any idea with the character either. But since it’s a boy (although the human form looks like a girl to me) I think I might consider. ^_^


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