News: Alter previews Matsumae Ohana!

The super cheerful and hardworking from Hanasaku Iroha is finally coloured and announced by Alter! She looks appropriately happy enough..just don’t call her ‘Balut’ (gotta watch the anime) and she will be your best friend! =3

Ohana is decked out in the Kissuiso’s outfit, running out to serve some customers and putting the final straps on her costume. I love how dynamic Ohana looks, the sculpt for her clothes and hair are especially tantalizing but hey it’s a weird pose no?

I get the fact that Alter wants to have some motion here but the entire pose is off…If Ohana was kinda elevated, it might make more sense but I don’t know if I want an figurine displayed pulling out her straps…there might be accessories or alternate hand parts still unannounced but it’s doubtful..

Also! This pose looks like…

A parachuting Ohana!

Jokes aside, the pose is probably based off this bit in the first opening! The expression is kinda different as she is coming down the stairs but hey…stairs= 3000 more yen? =3

I really want to get Ohana..I really do but the pose is..just not doing it for me. =( It really looks she is parachuting so much more than coming down the stairs..and at 7800 Yen with no accessories (yet?)..she ain’t exactly cheap as well. I will most probably pass on her and hold out for Nakochi! Come on Alter, gimme a good Nakochi! =3


Pictures taken from Alter’s blog and Nekomagic. Thanks! =3


15 thoughts on “News: Alter previews Matsumae Ohana!

    • Ahahah, the pose doesn’t bother you? Since Ohana doesn’t come with a parachute and all..=3

      Yeah the anime series is called Hanasaku Iroha..been out for quite some time. =3

      • Silly me, I just went pass her anime dvd last morning in town xD!!!! doesn’t matter though, I’ll go get her this evening!!! ^W^, thankx for the review btw, made me interested in watching this anime series. >_<

  1. She looks really beautiful, despite the lack of playability and accessories, she’s an eye candy for me, really nice sculpt and detail, especially the facial expression. I love it. =3

  2. as much as i love her in Hanasaku, the pose they chose for her is bit weird for me. or maybe it’s just me. but i like her attire xDD

    • Ahahah, Nekomagic really scored with that picture. And it was the 1st picture of the news..made me think that Alter made a parachuting Ohana..was kinda sad to find out otherwise. =3

  3. Dem Alter, always making wallet suffer D: With Eila [strike witches] being rereleased on October (ordered Eila btw XD) I wonder how my finances will hold out . . . . . I guess I have to drop you for now Ohana.

  4. Made my day when I saw that parachuting Ohana picture above. ^^ Haha. The figure shows Ohana adorably energetic as ever. I’m sure the quality is a win except for the pose though.


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