Review: Nendoroid Sakura Kyouko

The bad-ass pocky munching girl is back! this time in Nendoroid form! I was pretty impressed by how the Figma turned out so will the Nendoroid hold any surprises this time?

Right outta the box, I’m digging Kyouko all over again. =3 I love the red and also how dynamic her hair is sculpted. You don’t get that many strands on typical Nendoroid-hair and this is a sure winner! Still with the giant piece of plastic hair, it really weighs down Kyouko and she is soo back heavy. =3

You can see how the ponytail accommodates the stand here. Since it’s on a Nendoroid joint, there aren’t any issues with poseability.

Her outfit is pretty simple..all the lines that should be painted are but I got a Kyouko with a messy soul gem (the red jewel on her chest). That’s kinda sad but hey I can leave with it..

When you have Nendoroids with long-hair, you gotta abuse it abit in pictures for the dynamism! =3

BUT Kyouko looks cute without her ponytail too! XD

Kyouko doesn’t come with a bagful of accessories and I was kinda disappointed with how similar the accessories were to the Figma..ah well I got the previous 4 girls so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Her spear is appropriately long enough and just 1 hand is able to support it! Hurray for Nendoroid-sized weapons!

Of course 2 hands looks more kick-ass!


Good ole Pocky munching faceplate and yet another Taiyaki. Why not give us an apple GSC? She ate that as well! XD Anyways, there’s only 1 Pocky stick provided so don’t lose yours!

Kyouko: Ne ne! Wanna piece of my Taiyaki?

Sayaka: ……


Sayaka: I just lost the love of my life to my backstabbing best friend. Get outta my face!

Kyouko: No one wastes my Taiyaki! NO ONE.

Kyouko: You’re going down, Taiyaki hater!

Sayaka: Come on girl, bring it!

*Taiyaki rage combo*

The chain spear thingy is made out of 3 different pieces and unlike the Figma version, those 3 pieces are fixed in position and can’t switch about.

Sayaka: My life really sucks…

Kyouko: I love my Pocky and Taiyaki! Don’t waste my food!


What the Figma brought to the table, the Nendoroid did accordingly. Other than the striking red colour, Kyouko really aced in her poseability and playability factor. Other Madoka girls might ace with sheer number of accessories but for good ole’ fun, Kyouko really beat them all. I didn’t even like the character that much in the anime but after the Figma and the Nendoroid, she is cementing the top spot in my heart. So you might ask, which is the best Mahou Shoujo to get since I got all 5. I would say Kyouko for playability and awesomeness but get Madoka as well (you gotta have main character!). =3






21 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Sakura Kyouko

    • Ahaha I have a big picture book with classic Rock’N’Roll album covers so I just picked the most appropriate one for Kyouko. The dragon was pretty awesome so it fit Kyouko perfectly =3

  1. Agreed, Kyoko’s really cute, nendo or figma! xD well, her accessories are quite a lot, if compared to other nendos out there,. oh well, if you need extra equipment for her, why don’t you jus take it from Kyoko’s figma? xD

    • I don’t know if it would turn out too well considering the size differences but that’s a thought! =3

      However I was kinda hoping for something different accessories wise but both has the same stuff. =(

      • Aww… now that’s too bad 😛 oh well, if i were you, i’d photograph Kyoko’s Figma with her nendo, as if Kyoko summoned her own nendo! XD

  2. Her hair is SWEET! Sweet as apple that I can eat, & sweet as they’re flowing. Frankly I like her Nendo better than her Figma, that hair just gorgeous….

    • The Figma had pretty sweet hair as well but the Nendoroid’s one is just bigger and more obvious? Ahahah but I absolutely agree about the of my favourite bits of this Nendo. XD

  3. I just got my Kyouko nendo XD
    And yeah, she’s awesome XD
    btw, the part M and K (the detachable arm and hand), is it just me or the hand is spun backwards? D;


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