Thoughts: I used up my 3GB quota!

With reviews taking up so much space, I’ve finally finished up the 3GB free storage given by WordPress..ahaahah so to commemorate that, I’ve taken some random pictures! XD I won’t be using any captions or words below, so use your imagination and tell me what’s happening!

So what do you guys think is happening? =3


23 thoughts on “Thoughts: I used up my 3GB quota!

  1. time for upgrade!! =3 looks like haruhi and the other nendos are planning something vs the gokaigers.. or maybe somekind of proposal, a joint adventure? treasure hunting? to fight a common enemy? who know? 🙂

  2. This is why I use flickr to host my pictures, even more so since not all the pictures I take ended posted in the blog either. Also in the case that something does happen with the server I am hosted or my wordpress installation my pictures are safely stored in flickr.

  3. I would have used up 3 GB a long long time ago if I hosted it on WordPress. In fact, I have over 15 GBs of photos to sort out from my trip to Japan! Usually, I shrink them down by re-saving them in Photoshop and then upload them to Flickr.

      • Goodness! Ahahah when I upload it to wordpress, they kinda shrink down the image themselves, so even though it takes up a few GBs on my computer, I’m able to put so much more in WordPress. Still it has it limits. XD Ahaha

  4. The free 3GB was well worth it ^^ Are you going to upgrade or just use some 3rd website? As for me, I make sure pictures don’t exceed 1MB (too damn economical :P)

  5. hmm…. pretty hard to figure out what’s going on, since Haruhi is always FULL of wacky ideas xD sooo, you finally used up the storage limit…. I wonder what you store, since 3 GB’s supposed to give you a LOT of space for pics! (did you store any doujins? eroges? 3:) )

    • HAHAHA even if I did, I wouldn’t store it in WordPress no would I. Ahaha I guess the loads of pictures I upload for reviews finally hit its mark. Considering how many reviews I put up, seems to be quite alot for 3GB. Ahahaha =3


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