Review: 1/8 Tomoe Mami (GSC)

I know I’ve been suckered so badly into the whole Madoka bandwagon by GSC/MF and to put a stop to it, I decided that this Mami figurine by GSC will be the last Madoka product. =3 I was kinda eager to receive her since I saw Mami being displayed in AFA MY’s GSC booth so let’s crack her open!

GSC really knows their packaging and Mami’s one is pretty neat. With the matt feel of the box contrasting with the glossy pictures, it’s a work of art. =3

A simple,clear orange base. It’s compact, and pretty! Win on both counts. =3

Mami’s pose is based off an illustration and taken alone here, she does seem kinda awkward. The while leaping in the air thing is alright but it’s her right hand extending behind that feels so stiff. The workmanship is beautiful though..

From the side it makes much more sense and I can really feel the dynamism of the figure. Plus Mami’s contours are so..Ooomph~

The face is everything for a figurine and disappointingly enough, it feels a little flat. I get that she’s supposed to be serene and older-ish but I would like her to be happier if possible. =3

The hairpin is really nice with a big red jewel in the middle. The tuft of hair is really nicely sculpted as well so overall her head has no issues. Her hat can’t be removed though so boo~

Her twintails look kinda anorexic but hey I guess it’s artistic license by the sculptor?

Mami has some awesome contours and the buckles and lines are perfect! One the main reasons why I got her was because of how clean and beautiful those buckles look. =3 Her skirt is also flaring up believably.

Check out those luscious thighs *winks*

Mami’s awkward looking hand. >o<

Extra accessories comes in the form of musket holding hands and 2 muskets.

I swapped out the arms for the holding ones and you can tell by the fingers.

The muskets really take up alot of space.

Those things are really long but it’s so detailed and pretty~

It’s kinda odd holding a musket and looking so calm.

Mami looks like she is dancing with those weapons!


This Mami is far from perfect in my very humble opinion. The pose isn’t that exhilarating, the facial expression is too docile and those pigtails are too skinny. Since this Mami was based off an illustration, I kinda understood where the sculptor’s going with this. I don’t regret getting her whatsoever but if this Mami doesn’t rock your boat, well there are Banpresto prizes out there which might do a better job at representing her. This is a solid release with really good paintwork and sculpt but overall, it’s not a blockbuster. Get it if you want, you can’t have too many Mamis? =3





13 thoughts on “Review: 1/8 Tomoe Mami (GSC)

  1. I think Mami is one of the Madoka figures from GSC that I liked the most. Seems less boring with her pose when you display her with the muskets.

    Looking at this pictures I just realized I posed my Mami figma very similarly without noticing.

    • Yeah the muskets really does bring out her character so much more. Ahaha because this pose is just awesome? My Mami Figma has similar hands posed as well, except she isn’t jumping. =3

  2. great review, Madoka’s next in my anime watch list. I think her expression changes a bit in every angle. But I like the first pic a lot. ^^

  3. I personally like her facial expression though, she looks real calm, her body figure is damn nice! Look at those fronts.. just perfect! And those thighs! Oh man.. =3 Not to mention the beautiful muskets especially that its base color is white! real nice man! =3

  4. Ahh… This sure brings back memories, remembered how badass she was during the first ep, when LOADS of muskets just appeared out of thin air and began firing! xD Well, there’s TaMOE Mami for you, too bad you can’t take off any of her clothing, 3:) oh, and one more thought, needs MOAR outdoor photo shoots!!! xD

    • Ahahaha normally figurines don’t travel too far from my home as the hassle of packing them and stuff runs a terrible risk of something breaking or being scratched. XD

      Ahaha yeah! It would be cool if I had more than 2 muskets but hey, what I got already was pretty sweet. =3

      • yeah, i know that feeling, mate! My 00 Gundam’s beam saber went missing in my garden during the last outdoor photo shoot… 😛 Up until now, I always hesitate to do another outdoor shoot! xD


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