Thoughts: Jormungand (Anime)

I just wanted to share my thoughts on which anime really captivated me this season. There were so many major shows running about this season, Accel World, Fate Zero, Hyouka and evne Toku such as Akibarangers. However, Jormungand was top tier from start to finish and became the first thing I was looking forward every week. (This does not mean I will be doing anime reviews, it’s just more of a spontaneous thing =3)

Jormungand (also the name of the Midgard Serpent in Norse Myth) is a story about an arms dealer and her crew. Koko Hekmatyr the arms dealer goes around the world selling weapons to people and her crew follows her and cleans up her mess. From the start-go, it’s already a wildly different theme from regular anime. =3

They recruit a child solider Jonah and despite this being fiction, they touch on real world issues and tensions and this mades it really interesting to me. From the conflicts of Africa to the Balkans to assassination attempts in exotic locales, it’s a seamless blend of action and story.

Gotta love the action and how indestructible Koko’s crew are. =3

It’s also nice how they went about delving into each member’s past which makes you relate more to the character.

And of course, you gotta love the insanity of Koko! Her name is Koko, she is loco I say Oh No! =3

I really loved Jormungand and with a 2nd season coming this autumn, go watch it now and get yourselves all prepared for another ride! =3



4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Jormungand (Anime)

  1. i discovered this only last week and finished in 2 days. It’s awesome! How could i have missed it, i still don’t know. probably because I was too focused on Fate/Zero. But now I’m really looking forward to Season 2. It’s an uncommon theme, but I love the way they portray the characters. Action-wise, great as well.

    • Ahahah this is truly a gem hidden amidst all the other blockbuster titles. There’s just something about it that is so refreshing and addictive. =3

      The whole show seems to be clouded in gray tones, there isn’t anyone really ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ which is really cool. 2nd season this fall! XD

  2. Isn’t Jormungand a serpent, and not tree? And the tree is called Yggdrasil?

    Mythical Detective Loki taught me that. As well as Ragnarok Online. XD XD

    • Oh yeah you’re right about that! Man I got it confused..Jormungand was Loki’s son which would kill Thor come Ragnarok. =3

      Been sometime since I read Norse Myth so I got mixed up, thanks mate! Anyways if you haven’t watched this series, gotta do it! XD


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