Review: Nendoroid Nero Yuzurizaki

A descendant of the great American detective Nero Wolfe, Yuzurizaki Nero also inherited her ancestor’s hefty appetite and the detective lineage. The 3rd girl to join Milky Holmes in Nendoroid form, let’s see what her toys can do~

Nero is the most tomboyish outta the 4 girls and it stands to reason that she’s the only one wearing pants. Her outfit is bright and sunny and goes well with her orange hair. The shoulder/scarf thing is rubber similar to Sharo and Elly’s costume so I suspect it would get sticky with age. =(

Plenty of lines on Nero and I’m glad to say mine had no major paint bleeds. =3

I dig Nendoroids with hats and Nero’s has a blue jewel on her ribbon!

Her costume is really simple and kinda reminds me of Ronald Mcdonalds. =3

This is the first time I’ve encountered this kind of Nendoroid joints for their legs (except for Super-moveable Nendoroids) used on regular Nendos. Nero’s legs doesn’t have any Nendoroid joints and instead relies on these ball joints for articulation. I like how much slimmer it is compared to Nendoroid joints and despite the angle of rotation being lesser, it’s slimmer and less obtrusive.

Nero comes with an interesting assortment of parts and with swapping them about, an insane amount of poseability opens up.

By removing Nero’s hat, you can either plug in her ahoge, or bizarrely enough, a slice of cake. =3

The alternate fringe part for Nero Wolfe’s face-plate makes Nero looks like she is jumping into the air. =3

To pair with Nero’s greedy licking expression, she comes with the biscuit she is always chomping on and although it’s tiny, the words うま うま (horse)  are easily discernible. Kinda crazy but typical of GSC’s awesome quality.

Ooops, looks like somebody had too many late night snacks~

Nero being possessed by her ancestor Nero Wolfe. Ahahah I don’t think I have ever seen a fatter Nendoroid. XD


Of course, to be a great detective, you gotta have some powers~ And Nero’s ability allows her to control machines via a metal conduit!

*toys zaps*

Full Armour Nero!

Nero also comes with a pair of wings so that she can soar in the skies with her toys!

She can do so much more with machines though~ Waverider coming through!

Nero Yuzurizaki, launching!


Lemme state right off the bat, I like Nero the least out of the 4. That would obviously affect how I viewed the Nendoroid in the beginning but after all the photos, I have only 1 thing to say..Nero is pure, fabulous fun! She has so many interesting accessories and with some Lego or random Mecha, you can do some pretty cool scenes with her. The paintwork and aesthetics are top-notch as well and seriously adds so much to the Milky Holmes Nendo line. I’m really glad I pre-ordered her and with her playability being so high, who wouldn’t be? =3


14 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Nero Yuzurizaki

  1. Interesting stuff ever! & is it just me, she kinda like a mixed between Ronald McDonald & Sherlock Holmes? Yellow outfit with red & white stripes that lookalike to McDonald’s outfit, the hat that resembles to Holmes one. Also her ballooning… She reminds me about Mario Bros when he got ballooned in several games of him.

  2. Haha the full armor one looks interesting, lego right? She is really.. goofy but cute looking. And that slice of cake on hear head is.. unusual haha but still she’s cute. 😀

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