Event: Cosfest XI Go for it! (July 2012)

CosFest just took place on the 7th and 8th of July at Downtown East, D’Marquee (Singapore). As the title suggests, it’s a predominantly cosplay event so I was all pumped up with camera in hand, ready to snap some awesome cosplayers. =3

We were there pretty early so the crowd were still filtering in.

A One Piece group! Loved how the Admirals looked so awesome! So in character. =3

I don’t play League of Legends but isn’t that Ahri? That is a ridiculously cool get-up. She was just sitting there the whole time as her tails are just too much to move about. XD

Scarlet Sisters! Flan’s wings were hand-made as well. =3

Random booths with the majority selling Doujins, badges and stickers. I bought myself a Touhou doujin. =3

Awesome armour all around!

My top 2 favourite cosplays of the day. Remilia on the left and Charlotte the candy witch on the right. XD

Really elaborate costumes..even a Stardriver mecha  (Was it Tauburn)?

An adorable Miku.

Any D-Grayman for anyone?

More Touhou! A surprising amount of Touhou this time around. =3

Loved this scene replication from InuXBoku. This series together with Gulity Crown is pretty popular in Singapore. =3

Still oldies are goldies. =3

I love this group as well! Look at Mr 2’s expression, perfect representation no? XD

A special shout-out to Rocky here! I really like his cosplay as he usually does Chinese mythological characters with the odd Wolverine thrown in. It just shows that if you’re passionate about what you do, age and character doesn’t matter. XD

There are still plenty of pictures over here so head on over for a more in depth look!




8 thoughts on “Event: Cosfest XI Go for it! (July 2012)

  1. Wow, great photos! Those are some really neat cosplay! I laughed when I noticed Luffy’s expression in the first One Piece group photo.

    • Ahaha she noticed me holding a Touhou paper bag with the Scarlet sisters on it and sort of gave me a more in character glare..ahahah since I already knew the character it was so much cooler. =3


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