News: Momohime re-issued! XD

(Picture linked from Softwerkz, gorgeous pictures and review!!)

Momohime has been announced for a re-release this coming November! Sooo..grab yours while stocks last!!! XD

Here’s another review to know how awesome Momohime is. XD I’ve already pre-ordered about you?


4 thoughts on “News: Momohime re-issued! XD

  1. Sigh… Momohime… I hope this time around it is not like when she was originally released. EVERYONE got her and EVERYONE decided to post pictures. Got so sick and tired of seeing her that I never unboxed mine or took pictures of it.

    Now here we are years later. Perhaps now that there is renewed interest in her it’s a good time to finally get around to taking her out her box and doing a photo shoot.

    Anyways, very, very nice figure. While it annoys me nearly everyone knows nothing about her it is one of those figures that you just have to own.

    • I guess popularity does have her drawbacks. She is really gorgeous and as you said, yeap you got to have her. I didn’t want to pay those inflated prices since I missed out on the first time so this reissue was pretty nice. =3

  2. I remembered the first time I saw her.. she is really pleasing to the eyes! Maybe because of the colorful clothes and nice figure work.. I really want her though again and again, we have the problem of finances haha! I can’t seem to buy myself one of these PVC statues XD


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