Review: S.H.Figuarts Gokai Silver

I will be blunt here, I hate Gokai Silver in the show. Gai was bloody loud and his Gold Mode looked like he wrenched off fellow Sentai heads and stuck them on his chest. So why did I buy him and do a review? Firstly, there was the overwhelming need for completion..secondly he was being sold dirt cheap! 2000Yen to be exact. So let’s gooooo~

Having handled 5 similar figures in the form of earlier Gokaigers, I don’t really have much to say. For the uninitiated, the Gokaiger body is really flexible as they have no armour obstructing their joints. They also look clean and sleek and it’s a nice combo. Silver thankfully doesn’t have puke gray for his body and instead it’s a nice tone of silver.

Nice and sleek from the sides as well. =3

Clean simple lines and even some ruffles on his costume. I’m not such a big fan of the helmet but the SHF makes it looks better than I remembered. Or maybe I’m just biased…=3

Gokai Silver comes with his trust weapon and a bunch of hands together with his cellular and ranger key. His weapon is either in Spear or Gun mode and both looks really nice.


God I hate him when he does his annoyingly long introduction..

Oh oh, Gai spots Takeru! *ranger sense alert*

omigosh omigosh, I’m such a big fan~

I really love what you did in ep5, and 7, and 8…and 9..and your Super mode..blah blah


dang…anyways let’s go fight some evil! That’s what Sentai does!

Some pew pew action with Silver’s gun. For some reason, I just can’t fit it snugly into Gai’s hands. It’s not that tight fitting but not that loose either..just falls off sometimes which is irritating. (Like the character). =3

But why shoot when you can stab?

Silver with his spear/trident is probably awesome enough to warrant a purchase. It looks cool, feels cool and it actually is pretty cool even for a sucker like Gai. XD

Don’t mess with Silver! Or he will put your face on his chest!

Gokai Shooting Star!!!


First let me get my horribly biased viewpoint out of the way *shifts*. Gokai Silver carries on with the same body as the rest of his fellow teamates and that’s a plus for me ..considering how agile and flexible the articulation is. To further differentiate Silver from the gang, he comes with a different set of weapons and helmet which really makes him a cool purchase. The fact that he isn’t exclusive as well is pretty neat and overall I had really good fun with him so if you’re interested, pick him up! Silver has no Darin though…doh~

One with the gang~

Gotta catch em all?



10 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Gokai Silver

  1. Man… Very cheap, you got there, mate… I thought he’s going to be more expensive among all his fellow since he got a different design & considered as the 6th sentai(maybe? like Green/White Ranger).

    Also, very thank you for the review… For once I have interest on him to pair fight with Shadow Moon, but after knowing his personality… I changed my mind. Anyway, those guns really reminds me about Mammoth Ranger’s weapon.

    • Hahah especially the gun/axe looking weapon eh. =3

      Ahahah I know some people who really like him so it’s a personal bias on my part. As a Figuart he’s really fun though. =3

  2. Not really a Gokaigar fan…have caught a few episodes, but I had no need for Marvelous and the crew for my Figuarts shelf…but he is just different enough I may cave lol…I dunno, something about that spear I guess…

  3. I know this is one team I wanna start and finish. Ugh what I found out Saban is doing with this series sucks but I do wonder if these will pop up at Toysrus like the Shinken ones did. Well Red I think was the only one. The darin will probably be left out in a possible us release.

    • Hmm well Red, Blue and Green were regular releases and if they’re following the schedule of Shinkengers, you would prolly seem them. Pink and Yellow would be harder to find though..and cost quite a bit.


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